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Mental Health

Mind, Body, Soul: A Holistic Approach to Mental Health

When you hear the word “holistic,” what do you think? You may associate it with an organic health food store or barefoot yogis chanting “OM” together with their eyes closed. Taking a “holistic approach” to something means looking at the whole situation and not just one or two parts. When it comes to mental health, a holistic approach considers how a person’s well-being is affected by their physical, psychological, emotional, social,...

A woman hanging out drinking a coffee while reading a book in comfortable clothing in Westmoreland County, PA

Surviving Quarantine with Sober Activities

Many places have been forced to close during the COVID-19 outbreak; however, DreamLife Recovery is fortunate enough to be able to continue helping people struggling with addiction. DreamLife Recovery is open and accepting patients that want to start their path to recovery. DreamLife Recovery, located in Donegal, PA, is a rehab facility that offers detox, residential, and aftercare programs. DreamLife treats substance abuse, alcohol abuse, and dual diagnoses with addiction. If you or...

A woman mediating in Westmoreland County, PA

Maintaining Sobriety During COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 is affecting the world, with many counties, cities, states, and countries opting for periods of quarantine to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Events, gatherings, and meetings are being canceled to encourage people to stay at home. But what does this mean for the community that relies on meetings and contact with others to maintain their sobriety? DreamLife Recovery, a rehab facility in Donegal, PA, would like to offer...

What is Dual Diagnosis? 10 Incredible Benefits of Dual Diagnosis Treatment

In 2012, 8.4 million adults in the US were diagnosed with both a mental illness and a substance addiction. Substance addiction is a problem all across our country. Many people suffer, but people with mental illness present a unique issue. What is dual diagnosis? How can it help people that are dealing with addiction and mental illness at the same time? If you or a loved one are dealing with this type of situation, know that...