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Drugs and The Dark Web: A Dangerous Combination

Drugs and The Dark Web There is a lot of information and many assumptions about the dark web. Most people have no idea what the dark web is, how it works or what really takes place. Also, many people do not know the difference between the dark web and the deep web. In many cases, […]

How Long Is Cocaine in Your System? The Common Long-Term Effects of Cocaine Use

Cocaine is a powerful stimulant derived from the coca plant. It’s used recreationally and sold as powder or crystal (crack). Shortly after consumption, it gives a rush of euphoria also known as the “high”. This feeling peaks within half an hour and lasts around an hour in total. After that, the key question remains: how […]

Dangerous Drugs: What’s the Difference Between Crack and Coke?

Crack, cocaine, snow, and powder? What does it all mean? Drugs come in a variety of forms. But just because one type looks different from the other, there isn’t a “safe” way to ingest cocaine. Any kind of cocaine usage leads to physical and mental harm that requires in-house treatment. What is the difference between […]

Are You a High Functioning Alcoholic? 9 Signs You Have a Drinking Problem

Did you know that almost 20% of alcoholics are considered high functioning? These people typically make a good income and are often well educated. Identifying if you, or someone you love, have functioning alcoholism can be a difficult task because work and family life may not be affected.  Continue reading to learn about the nine signs of […]

Cognitive Behaviorial Therapy for Addiction: Separating Fact from Fiction

If you’re looking into potential treatment options for alcoholism or drug addiction, it’s quite likely you’ll come across facilities that offer cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT. So is cognitive behavioral therapy for addiction a good choice? And what exactly is CBT? This article will explore both of these questions so you can make a better-informed […]

Recovery Questions and Answers: 7 Frequently Asked Questions About Drug Treatment Programs

The estimated cost of drug abuse a year in the US is more than $820 billion. It is an epidemic in our society that has no cure. Thankfully, there is treatment. Read on for the top 7 most commonly asked recovery questions and their answers. 1. What Exactly is Addiction Rehab? The first question people ask about […]

Important Mental and Physical Benefits of Getting Sober

Thinking it’s time to quit your drinking habit? Want to get drugs out of your life for good? Using drugs and alcohol can have huge effects throughout every part of your life. While you may know deep down that you need to quit, you may also find it hard to convince yourself that it’s really time […]

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