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Individual Therapy for Substance Abuse

An individual therapy program is a key component of addiction recovery. One-on-one therapy sessions allow you to explore your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in a safe and judgment-free environment with the help of an addiction counselor.

We provide private therapy sessions in our drug rehab to let you take a step back from daily life and to give you a dedicated space to dive deeper into past experiences and address any underlying mental health conditions.

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If you are interested in our Individual Therapy for addiction, give us a call or fill out our form. Our admission process starts with a verification of benefits to provide the most accurate cost estimate for your stay. We’ll then follow up with a medical screening over the phone before preparing your travel arrangements to our recovery center in Donegal, PA.

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Recovery from alcohol and drug addiction is possible, for you or a loved one. We’re here to help.

Benefits of Private Therapy Sessions +

There are lots of benefits you can experience with an individual therapy program, all of which contribute to a strong recovery from addiction.

    1. Address unresolved issues – Issues of the past tend to resurface if they’re not addressed properly. In therapy, you can get to the root of the issues that are causing you pain and learn useful tools to help you find peace.
    2. Analyze and understand past behaviors – Why do we do the things we do? Your upbringing, environment, and past experiences all influence your behavior. You’ll have the chance to understand why you acted the way you did and what steps you can take to change how you react to certain situations.
    3. Uncover addiction triggers – There are often triggers that are related to your substance or alcohol abuse. Recognizing those triggers will help you when it comes time to go back home and resume your daily life.
    4. Planning for the future – Counselors don’t just examine the past or discuss current day happenings. They also give you the tools to handle future events. Knowing what challenges might be ahead when trying to achieve a goal or get through a difficult event helps you make a plan. Discussing in advance how you will act and react helps you avoid roadblocks and defeat anxiety. 
    5. Redefine relationships Analyzing family relationships and friendships can help decide which ones are healthy and which ones may be toxic. A counselor can give you input on how to repair damaged relationships and let go of the ones that prove too toxic to continue.
    6. Establish a routine You may not notice it right away, but attending your individualized therapy program on a consistent basis will help you get into a routine that will help significantly once you complete the treatment program. People struggling with addiction often lack routine in their lives. Reestablishing routines gives you something to focus on and a way to avoid boredom and downtime that can lead to the temptation to relapse. 
    7. Outside opinion – Sometimes it isn’t easy to talk to friends and family about thoughts and feelings. A counselor is an objective third party who is not there to judge you but to help you instead. They do not have a personal stake in your recovery or harbor feelings from your past behaviors, as many family members and friends do, making them a neutral party with whom you can be open about everything.

What Happens During Individual Therapy +

Most people experience some nerves when they begin individual therapy, but the counselor is trained to help them remain calm and take things step-by-step. The first session typically involves doing an intake, which involves the counselor asking questions in order to get an overview of the patient’s history and current life. Together they set goals for treatment and discuss ways to achieve them in a timely manner. 

The counselor usually takes notes and encourages the patient to speak openly. Sessions are confidential, leaving the patient with no worries that what they say will be repeated to family members or friends. If the counselor is working in conjunction with other treatment providers to treat the patient, they may share information with them, with the patient’s approval. 

Homework may be given sometimes, with the goal being to provide the client with a topic or emotion to explore before their next session. How often the patient attends sessions depends on what they want to accomplish and what timeline the counselor recommends. 

Get to Know DreamLife Recovery

Our rehab facility in western Pennsylvania allows you to enjoy the peaceful, natural setting while receiving treatment. We provide a safe, comfortable, and caring environment for your recovery. DreamLife Recovery offers a variety of options, which allows us to find a method of therapy that works best for you. We know every person is different, so we individualize each program to find the right fit for you to find success in recovery.

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Additional Therapy Programs We Offer +

Besides individual therapy sessions, DreamLife Recovery also offers other options in order to experience a well-rounded recovery process.

Medication-assisted treatment: Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) combines the use of medications with counseling to effectively treat substance abuse.

Group therapy: Participating in group therapy helps foster a sense of community and lets you know you are not alone in your substance abuse recovery. You can give and receive support from peers who understand the essence of what it’s like to have a substance use disorder. Recovery isn’t meant to be a lonely road; the more support you have, the better.

Family therapy: When appropriate, we offer family therapy. We encourage your family, or family of choice, to participate in your recovery as much as possible. Addiction affects more than just the addict, so family members may also be able to benefit from therapy sessions. The stronger your family is during your treatment, the better the chances of your success are for recovery once you leave our treatment program.

Substance Abuse and Alcohol Individual Therapy Rehab Program +

DreamLife Recovery is a treatment facility located in Donegal, PA, which is one of the addiction centers right outside of Pittsburgh. Comfort and safety are our priority at our facility in Westmoreland County, where you will be surrounded by nature. Our experienced addiction counselors will create an individual therapy program that is customized just for you, so you are prepared and ready to lead a healthy, happy, and sober lifestyle.

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Brooke Mckenzie, our Chief of Clinical Care Services, is ready to help you or your loved one with the best care possible. Brooke spent the last 10 years as the Executive Director of a drug and alcohol facility, overseeing all levels of care including detox, residential, PHP, IOP and outpatient programming.

Our team’s philosophy stems from using the best practices of eastern spirituality, the original 12-step model, and modern, evidence-based therapies. Using the best of each, we offer a comprehensive treatment program that is dedicated to your needs.

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