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Addiction Recovery in Monroeville, PA

Monroeville is a town in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, just outside of Pittsburgh. Its close location to the Steel City makes it the perfect place to live. Visit places like the Pittsburgh Zoo, various historic and ethnic restaurants and the famous Monroeville Mall. However, these qualities also make it a prime place for people with substance use disorder to access drugs and continue living a life of addiction.

When you or someone close to you is dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction, an empathetic, experienced hand can be the guide toward recovery. DreamLife Recovery is here to be that for you and help you discover what your life can be when it’s not controlled by substance use.

Our Treatment Options

At DreamLife Recovery, we know recovery is a long path that’s not always straightforward. Everyone’s road is different, so everyone needs different treatment options to find ones that work for them. That’s why we strive to offer as many programs as we can, letting our clients participate in treatments like:

  • Detox services:Detox services: Getting through withdrawal and being sober is the first step. We want you to stay safe and comfortable during this process, and our detox program does that. Our compassionate, experienced staff will guide you through this time and provide you with medication-assisted treatment (MAT) when necessary.
  • Residential treatment: Our inpatient treatment option allows you to stay on our campus as you work through recovery. You’ll complete more intensive treatment and stay in a safe space as you learn to manage life while sober.
  • Group-specific programs: During your residential or outpatient treatment, you’ll have individual, group and family therapy. Some of our group therapies focus on particular demographics. If you’re a first responder or business professional or identify with the LGBTQI+ community, we have a group for you. We also hold trauma-based therapy.
  • Aftercare services: Rehab at DreamLife Recovery is just the first step. After you move on, this program will allow you to stay in contact with other alumni. You’ll have support from people who get it and access to great resources.

Start Your Dream Life Now

Are you ready to build your dream life? It’s time to contact Monroeville’s rehab center, DreamLife Recovery. Our compassionate medical staff will make sure you get the help you need. Reach out to our Donegal facility online or call our admissions department at (855) 495-0356 to discuss our comprehensive treatment options and how you can start.

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