Professional Program

What is the DreamLife Recovery Professional Program?

Balancing work and personal life can be difficult enough on its own. For those struggling with substance abuse and addiction, it can monumentally more difficult to manage.

At DreamLife Recovery, our clinically accredited and expertly trained staff can help your or a loved one balance your personal and professional life, while helping establish a path to recovery with a busy work schedule.

In the DreamLife Recovery Professional Program, our staff first conducts an individual assessment based on a client’s personal schedule, addiction treatment, and profession to establish how many hours per day they can effectively work. This not only allows the client to continue pursuing their career while receiving treatment, but also helps them potentially understand how their professional life could be contributing to their substance addiction and abuse patterns.

Through the program, our staff will help work with a client’s employer to ensure that they can continue to effectively work while getting the proper treatment they need to create a healthy aftercare environment as well.

How Does the Professional Program at DreamLife Recovery Work?

Once admitted to DreamLife Recovery, clients in the Professional Program are immediately offered a personal assessment that will help establish how many hours per day they can work, their precise addiction treatment needed, additional therapy needs, and much more. This is completed with a patient’s referent and, with the patient’s permission, colleagues, and state advocacy programs to gather necessary information, provide updates during treatment, and plan for the patient’s full return to work.

Our treatment incorporates an individualized clinical program consisting of evidence-based therapies designed to address substance use disorder aligned with comorbid disorders. This will include how each professional’s work affected their addiction and will impact their recovery, with an individualized recovery plan that includes these specialized concerns.

Clients are placed in specialized group therapy sessions that address licensures, credentials, work issues, and integration back into professional practice. These specialized groups may include Disease Model of Addiction, Stages of Change, Personality Group, Meaning of Life, Family Dynamics, Impact of Language, and others. Groups are designated per client based on their precise needs and their profession.

Entering the DreamLife Recovery Professionals Program:

For those interesting to learn more about DreamLife Recovery’s Professionals Program and process, please contact our team today.