Building a Support Network

Typically, for the first year after you leave DreamLife Recovery you will be in our Aftercare Program. This program allows clients to adjust to their day-to-day lives in recovery. Making connections to the Alumni network during this time will lead to an ongoing support network of people who are also trying to be successful with sobriety.

Staying connected after leaving DreamLife Recovery allows you to build a network of support. Leaving residential treatment can be very challenging. Having a support system and staying connected can help you successfully live your life of recovery. Recovery is a life-long goal and an Alumni network can help you achieve that goal. Staying involved with the Alumni network can help prevent relapse, as you have people to reach out to if you are struggling and you are participating in ongoing recovery programs. Through Alumni connections, you may also provide support for other people that are struggling with addiction. Our supportive Alumni community can work together to make our lives successful in recovery.


Meet Chad, one of DreamLife’s successful recovery stories.

After completing treatment, Chad has continued to be a valuable mentor to the DreamLife recovery community. Our alumni are our strength and greatest pride as a recovery facility, and we are so proud of Chad’s continued success!