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Addiction Treatment Insurance Coverage

For many people, money is one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to getting professional treatment for addiction. The financial aspect of treatment often prevents people from getting the help they need, as many individuals fear that they will not be able to afford a professional rehab program.

In many cases, addiction treatment does prove to be costly. However, many treatment centers, including DreamLife Recovery, accept numerous insurance plans. Through your health insurance company, you may be able to use your insurance for drug and alcohol treatment. This means that you don’t have to put off your journey to recovery any longer!

Accepted Insurances

We accept most insurance plans at DreamLife Recovery, including the following:

UPMC Health Plan
Blue Cross Blue Shield
United Healthcare

We also accept some other insurance plans. If you do not see your insurance company listed here, reach out to us! For more information, please call us today at (844) 402-3592!

Using Insurance for Drug and Alcohol Treatment

If you have a health insurance policy, you may be wondering how, or even if, your plan works to cover treatment for substance abuse. Each insurance company is different and offers varying benefits. The type of coverage you get from your insurance depends on the type of plan you have with that particular company.

Some plans offer coverage for in-network healthcare providers, while not covering out-of-network providers. In other words, your plan may cover the services of a rehab center that already has a partnership with your insurance company. However, it might not cover treatment from other rehab centers that don’t have that partnership.

If your insurance policy does cover treatment for addiction, it will likely cover various types of rehab services and options. Some of these treatment options may include the following:

It’s best to check with your insurance provider to learn more about what is covered under your policy. This can give you more guidance as you work through the process of finding a treatment center that works best for you.

Is the Type of Addiction a Factor?

Many people wonder if the type of substance use problem they have will affect whether or not their addiction treatment will be covered. They may fear that their dependence on prescription drugs may not be covered. Some individuals might be concerned about getting coverage for rehab for illicit drug abuse.

Perhaps this concern, or question, has prevented you from reaching out for help. However, most insurance companies, that cover addiction treatment, offer this coverage regardless of the type of addiction people have. Therefore, whether you’ve been suffering from alcoholism, heroin abuse, cocaine addiction, or any other type of addiction, it’s likely that you will be able to get coverage.

How Much Will I Need to Pay Out-of-Pocket?

Again, each policy is different. The amount of coverage you receive will depend on many different factors. As we mentioned earlier, whether you get treatment from a network provider or an out-of-network provider will affect the amount of coverage you receive.

In addition to this factor, the state in which you live may also have an impact on what your insurance covers and what you will need to pay out-of-pocket.

The best way to find out what your policy covers is to either reach out to your insurance company or contact us. We can help point you in the right direction!

Determining Which Treatment Facility is Right For You

It’s not always easy to figure out what kind of treatment is best for you, or where you should go to get help for addiction. After all, there are so many options available. Many treatment centers offer inpatient (residential) programs or outpatient programs. Some offer both. Then, there’s the question of holistic treatment or medication-assisted treatment, or a combination of both.

With so many options for treatment and rehab, deciding which is best for your needs can seem like an overwhelming and daunting task. Then, the financial side of things can make the decision even more difficult for you. Not only do you need to find a rehab center that will meet your needs and help you successfully recover, but you also need to find one that will work with your insurance company.

Thankfully, at DreamLife, we accept many types of insurance. If you decide to attend our rehabilitation center, in order to gain freedom from drug and alcohol abuse, know that we will work with you to get through the financial aspect of treatment.

Additionally, we provide individualized treatment, made to meet your specific needs throughout your journey to recovery. We offer several amenities, including therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), massage therapy, family counseling, and much more! We also offer yoga, meditation therapy, Tai Chi, and sound therapy.

Our mission is to be more than a rehab center. We strive to be a facility that extends hope, healing, and strength to each of our clients. Through our many amenities and therapy approaches, we work to do just that!

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