Group Therapy

Group Therapy for Drug Rehab Near Pittsburgh

Group therapy typically consists of more than one person being treated at the same time by at least one, and sometimes maybe two, counselors or therapists. Group sizes depend based on the type of group and the purpose it is trying to serve. Substance abuse or alcohol abuse group therapy programs usually range anywhere from 6-12 clients in one session.

At DreamLife Recovery a drug rehab facility near Pittsburgh, PA, we encourage those receiving treatment to join and participate in a group program. Recovery should not be done alone, and one of the many benefits of group therapy programs is the sense of community that is formed.

Benefits of Group Counseling

As previously mentioned, a group setting gives you access to a community support system which will be beneficial during your treatment, as well as afterwards during recovery. It’s possible for real friendships to form during group therapy programs which means you will have a friend that knows what you’re going through.

Group counseling gives you direct access to different viewpoints and sources of inspiration. For example, by listening to others that have issues that are similar to yours, it may help you develop self-awareness. Many times you may hear something in someone else’s story that resonates with your own, helping you look at things differently and more introspectively than you normally would. As a group, you will also be able to celebrate one another’s achievements and help each other get through the tougher times.

Group counseling is a safe space that will help you become comfortable sharing your story in a group setting. Talking about the struggles you’re experiencing out loud can be very therapeutic. Even if you are shy at first, hearing others’ stories will help you open up. And when it comes time to be able to give someone else advice and support, that can be very rewarding.

In the same vein, group therapy will help you with communication and socialization skills. After the initial addiction treatment counseling at our facilities, many people will choose to continue with group support systems such as Narcotics Anonymous (NA) or Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). From your time in our group therapy program, you will be armed with the tools you need and be fully prepared to participate in these programs.

A Holistic Approach to Addiction Counseling

At DreamLife Recovery in Donegal, PA, you will experience the impact of our holistic approach to addiction treatment counseling. You will be able to participate in our group therapy program as well as family therapy, individual therapy, and MAT (medication-assisted treatment). Treatment programs are not one-size-fits-all and are tailored specifically to you and what you need in your healing journey.

The relaxing environment of our facility located right outside of Pittsburgh, PA, in Westmoreland County is the perfect space for you or your loved one to receive addiction counseling. With a variety of treatment modalities, we are committed to setting our clients up for long-term success. Learn more about our therapy programs and treatment options by contacting our admissions departments at (844) 402-3592.