Meth Addiction Treatment

Meth Addiction Treatment

Meth addiction can negatively impact your happiness, quality of life and overall health. The best way to treat your meth addiction is through personalized rehabilitation. At DreamLife Recovery, we prioritize every aspect of your treatment so you get the resources and support you need to stay sober. 

We have seen how meth addiction can take hold of people, so we use trauma-informed, evidence-based strategies. With our team of professionals by your side, you can take back control of your life. Take the first step toward getting the help you need at our comprehensive meth treatment center.

What Is Crystal Methamphetamine? +

Crystal methamphetamine, or meth, is an addictive, illegal stimulant drug. Many medical professionals consider meth one of the most dangerous drugs in the world. Also known as ice, crystal, glass or crank, meth can be injected, snorted, smoked or dissolved into water. It’s often sold in crystallized shards or powder.

When people ingest crystal meth, they get a temporary rush or high that increases the dopamine in their brain. Users may experience anxiety, irritability, decreased appetite or extreme insomnia when they’re sober. For many, meth addiction changes the brain and creates dependence. In the worst-case scenario, people can have long-lasting heart problems or seizures.

Signs of Meth Addiction +

As with many addictive drugs, methamphetamine can take a significant toll on the body and mind. Meth weakens your body over time. Common signs and symptoms of meth addiction include:

  • Extreme weight loss.
  • Itchiness or excessive scratching.
  • Teeth or gum decay.
  • Acne.
  • Long-lasting insomnia.
  • Sagging skin.
  • Paranoia or psychosis.
  • Hallucinations.

Get to Know DreamLife Recovery

Our rehab facility in western Pennsylvania allows you to enjoy the peaceful, natural setting while receiving treatment. We provide a safe, comfortable, and caring environment for your recovery. DreamLife Recovery offers a variety of options, which allows us to find a method of therapy that works best for you. We know every person is different, so we individualize each program to find the right fit for you to find success in recovery.

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What Is Residential Meth Addiction Treatment Like? +

Deciding to enter a rehab center for meth addiction is crucial as you work toward recovery. At DreamLife Recovery, we combine a classic 12-step model with our modern approach to therapy and dual diagnosis. Here is what you can expect from our residential meth treatment center:

  • Detox: When you begin meth addiction treatment, the first step is detox. Since crystal meth can be dangerous to cut cold turkey, you may need medication-assisted treatment
  • Treatment: Once your body has flushed out the toxic substances, our program provides a safe, comfortable space for you to heal. We address the root causes of your addiction through a medical and psychological evaluation.
  • Dual diagnosis therapies: As medical professionals, we recognize that addiction is often a partner to co-occurring disorders. We offer various therapy programs for our residential patients to feel a sense of holistic wellness.
  • Alumni program: Our alumni are like family at DreamLife Recovery. We provide an aftercare program to keep you on track with your sobriety post-treatment.

Why Choose Our Inpatient Meth Rehab Center? +

Treating a meth addiction is not just checking off boxes for us. At DreamLife Recovery, we are your guide through sobriety. We recommend residential meth rehab for anyone who wants a comprehensive, personalized approach to recovery. We find that inpatient treatment is especially beneficial for people who need a strong support system and the time to resist relapse. 

Many people choose our residential crystal methamphetamine treatment program for these reasons: 

  • Amenities: Our crystal meth treatment center has all the amenities you need to feel comfortable during your stay. 
  • Adjustment to sobriety: Residential meth rehab is effective because it gives patients the time they need to adjust. We help you resist the urge to relapse so you can have the tools to continue once you leave.
  • Relationship rebuilding: Addiction affects you and your loved ones in different ways. We focus on healthy strategies to help you rebuild your life and relationships.

Choose DreamLife Recovery for Meth Addiction Treatment +

At DreamLife Recovery, we provide comprehensive meth addiction treatment so you can get back to living your life. Right now, the obstacles of addiction may seem unbeatable. We can help you find a way out with compassionate care. You are not alone in your recovery, and you can find a solid support system at our center. 

We believe the cost of treatment should not be a barrier to getting the help you need. We accept many major insurance plans, and you can learn more by speaking with your provider. Give us a call at 844-402-3592 or contact us online to get started at our rehab center.

Resources for Meth Addiction +

Find the help you need with our collection of meth addiction resources: