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DreamLife Recovery Treatment Programs

DreamLife Recovery offers clients a variety of specialized treatment options during their stay at our facility in Donegal, Pennsylvania. These may range depending on the precise needs of the individual, delivered by our expertly trained and clinically accredited staff. Once admitted, clients are assessed toby our staff to determine which specific treatments can best help them handle substance abuse and addiction.Read more about the treatment programs at DreamLife Recovery below.

Trauma Therapy Program

Substance addiction often has a heavy correlation with trauma. The expertly trained staff at DreamLife Recovery recognizes that link, which can be treated in our specialized Trauma Therapy Program. In this program, our staff assess the client’s individualized trauma and builds a treatment plan specifically around their needs. This can range from medically assisted treatment, to traditional therapy, and much more.

Family Therapy Program

The DreamLife Recovery Family Therapy Program centers the needs of the client and their loved ones, rather than just helping the individual. This program centers the interworking relationships, helping not only build a healthy path to recovery for the client, but build a stronger support network during and after their stay.

Professional Program

If you or a loved one are struggling with issues relating to substance abuse and addiction but still need to balance work and personal life, the Professional Program can help bridge that difficult gap. The program is built with healthy career development in mind, with specialized treatment planning crafted around the needs of one’s profession and schedule. As well, DreamLife Recovery can work in tandem with an employer to help them build their career after their treatment.

LGBTQI+ Program

The LGBTQI+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex) community often struggles with addiction and mental health issues in higher numbers than other populations.