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Fiona MulvenaFiona Mulvena

I am a behavioral health professional who works with individuals with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders, and I am extremely grateful to have Dream Life as a treatment option for the clients I serve. The clinical services they provide are outstanding, and I always feel excited to refer someone to them, knowing that the client is going to be treated with nothing but respect while at their program. Everything from transportation to discharge planning, and all that occurs in between, is done with thoughtfulness, thoroughness, and compassion. I love collaborating with their admissions staff, support staff, and clinical team members. I can't speak highly enough of this program. Thank you, Dream Life, for all you do!

Brittany WBrittany W

Deciding to seek treatment for addiction is not an easy thing to do. I called DreamLife and from the moment of that first phone call, the staff made everything so simple and painless. They handled everything with my insurance and I was on my way within two days.

Once I arrived, I quickly learned why it had been so highly recommended to me. The liaisons and the technicians went above and beyond to show that they care about my personal recovery journey, and the therapists are the absolute best I have ever seen. I would definitely recommend that someone come to DreamLife if they need help. It was a very positive experience for me

Sandra WilliamsonSandra Williamson

Dream life recovery is a great place to seek recovery. They have nice clean rooms to sleep in. Very nice and helpful staff. Dream life offers a variety of programs you can tailor your needs that you feel you want in this program from group topics to therapy sessions. You have 24/7 medical care and the nurses are great as well. They also offer other amenities in their facility as well such as outside meeting, hikes. Activities such as volleyball, basketball, corn hole, and plenty more. I enjoyed my time at Dream life , it really was a positive and helpful experience. The staff truly cares and most of them were just like me at one time so they understand. Thank you Dream life.

Susan HansonSusan Hanson

By far the best treatment center in this area. They saved my life multiple times. They treat you like family. It's clean, professional, updated, beautiful surroundings, top notch therapy. The entire staff from nursing to kitchen to maintenance will always be close to my heart. The rooms are very clean and comfortable. Dreamlife is truly a second home to me. I could go on forever. Anything negative I ever said I was definitely high and for that I'm so sorry. Thank you Dreamlife for saving and changing my life!

Angela BronsonAngela Bronson

I started working at Dreamlife Recovery in March of this year and I couldn't be happier! The entire staff is amazing! I have been promoted, have now worked in two departments, and both have been equally satisfying! Being able to be a part of someone's recovery journey is a very rewarding experience and I thoroughly enjoy seeing the transition. For anyone looking for a rewarding career, I would definitely recommend Dreamlife Recovery!