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Mollie MatteoMollie Matteo

DreamLife Recovery has truly changed my life. The impact this place had on me will forever be a part of my journey. I can’t even begin to describe how wonderful the staff was during my stay at the facility I felt at home. The liaisons, kitchen crew, BHTs, nurses, receptionist, therapists, custodians and etc are some of the most compassionate people I’ve ever been around. They were very accommodating, understanding, and able to relate. Anytime you needed someone to talk to at any hour staff would lend an ear no matter what. The facility was very clean and ran in a respectful manner. If you are serious about getting help DreamLife is the place to go! Give them a chance to save your life like they did mine! The days are very structured with a lot of fun activities throughout the day. I am forever thankful I chose DreamLife as my first recovery center. They really get to the root of the problem. They take addiction and recovery seriously and it works if you work it! Listen to what the staff tells you and you can beat this! Thank you again DreamLife for everything. Keep it up!

Marie SteinMarie Stein

My husband is the person who was in treatment, so this review is from my perspective, his will be added shortly. I took him to DreamLife on a Sunday, that Tuesday his liaison Ryan contacted me to let me know my husband was in detox and doing as well as he could, given the situation. Thursday Ryan reached out to me again, put my mind at ease and let me know I would be able to talk to my husband the next day. Friday I talked to hubby, he was still feeling rough but we had a good conversation. From that day until I picked him up on his 33rd day Ryan remained in contact with me. It took about a week and a half for there to be a noticeable change in how my husband sounded, then his thoughts changed and he sounded better on the phone! He started to sound excited about a future of recovery and healing! From my perspective, as the wife who was 5 hours away, Ryan made this process much better. Ryan allowed me to talk to my husband regularly while he was in treatment. I picked my husband up yesterday, there's a huge difference in the way he thinks and speaks already. He has made NA meetings a priority and his recovery is the most important thing for both of us. The difference is amazing! He is happier and we have had some open and honest conversations that have been very encouraging! My husband has had nothing but good things to say about his experience while in treatment but, like I said, he'll post his review separately.


I am writing this review as a mother whose 23-year old son was in Dream Life recently.
DreamLife Recovery is an amazing place with an amazing program and staff. The facility is comfortable with home like features and according to my son, the meals were very good. He was comfortable. The setting is beautiful and peaceful.
His days were very structured, which was good. The counselors were very caring, but firm. He has always liked the outdoors and enjoyed the long hikes they took every week.
Their program is comprehensive, and they helped him plan his next step to a PHP program.
Most importantly, the staff was extraordinary-caring, open and committed to their work. Before my son decided to go for treatment, we talked with DreamLife multiple times. Each time, they patiently answered our questions and were never pushy.
Sean was our liaison. He provided reassurance, answered questions, and always returned our calls, even after working a long day. Sean was patient with me when I asked the same question repeatedly or just needed reassurance.
David was his therapist. We also attended meetings with David along with our son. David really helped my son. My son felt very comfortable with him and was able to open up to him with his problems.
I cannot thank Sean, David, and the whole staff at DreamLife enough. As agonizing this has been for me as a mom, I know that my son was where he needed to be and that he was safe and supported.
Thank you so much!

Angela ScolforoAngela Scolforo

I am so grateful for the comprehensive and compassionate services DreamLife provided to my son, walking him through his first 30 days of recovery. They moved court hearings to make this possible, they changed medications to provide more relief, and they enabled my son to heal. Every time they called I was impressed by their experience with and understanding of addiction and mental illness. They really understand. Their care for my son was excellent. My son loved the food, the work out equipment, and the musical instruments. He began playing the guitar again. They gave hope to me, my son, his siblings and his children. DreamLife is such a gift! Thank you!

Abby AAbby A

Dreamlife saved my life. I recommend this facility to anyone seeking treatment for addiction and mental health. The staff is amazing and truly has the clients' best interest to achieve recovery. I was able to learn so much about myself and am lucky to have my liaison still available when I need to reach out with a concern or just to check-in. Putting your trust in the team at Dreamlife will also save your life if you are looking for help.