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Cameron CInkoCameron CInko

Out of every institution I have been this place has helped the most. The therapy you receive here is top quality. You will not get judged. The staff are very helpful on a daily basis. This place will also help you with any problems related with housing and income. The will do their best to be of help in any way possible. I strongly recommend Dreamlife Recovery...

Jose MartinezJose Martinez

Here at DreamLife Recovery I walked in "crawling" on my hands and knees. The wonderful staff here received me with open arms and "stood" me up.
Today, I "walked" out of DreamLife with my head held high and with all the tools and knowledge I need to live a happy, joyous and free life. Thank you DreamLife. I love you all.


I am writing this review as a mother whose 23-year old son was in Dream Life recently.
DreamLife Recovery is an amazing place with an amazing program and staff. The facility is comfortable with home like features and according to my son, the meals were very good. He was comfortable. The setting is beautiful and peaceful.
His days were very structured, which was good. The counselors were very caring, but firm. He has always liked the outdoors and enjoyed the long hikes they took every week.
Their program is comprehensive, and they helped him plan his next step to a PHP program.
Most importantly, the staff was extraordinary-caring, open and committed to their work. Before my son decided to go for treatment, we talked with DreamLife multiple times. Each time, they patiently answered our questions and were never pushy.
Sean was our liaison. He provided reassurance, answered questions, and always returned our calls, even after working a long day. Sean was patient with me when I asked the same question repeatedly or just needed reassurance.
David was his therapist. We also attended meetings with David along with our son. David really helped my son. My son felt very comfortable with him and was able to open up to him with his problems.
I cannot thank Sean, David, and the whole staff at DreamLife enough. As agonizing this has been for me as a mom, I know that my son was where he needed to be and that he was safe and supported.
Thank you so much!

James ScottJames Scott

Excellent recovery center. The staff up and down are excellent. There is a very apparent mutual respect between clients and staff. The food is good and the group setting is comfortable.

Spencer ShowkerSpencer Showker

This place has really helped me open my eyes and get my life back on track I'm almost 7 months sober and still going strong! Sean, Derek, Angie, Kay, Todd, and Josh were all amazing people to meet. Would definitely recommend if you need help with addiction these guys understand what it's like because most of the staff are recovering alcoholics and addicts. I remember when I first got there and the day I left. I'll never forget my time and what I learned there thank you so much dream life recovery!! You saved my life seriously