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Joseph Mungavin Joseph Mungavin

This place was hands down one of the best places i been too!! They have so many different groups and activities you get to do while you are there. You can tell they take pride in what they do and they put a lot of effort into it. I am still doing well to this day from my time there and I am forever grateful to this facility and the staff that actually cares!! If you ever placed in a position for you and a loved one needing help I would highly recommend Dreamlife. Also they came and picked me up at my house which was about 5or6 hours away and when I was done they drove me back home that was amazing as well. I hope and pray that each one of you has a successful journey and God bless!! This is possible to recover for this disease and this is a great place to start!!

Rachel Jordan Rachel Jordan

DreamLife truly was a game changer in my recovery. After going to a different rehab facility a month prior and a relapse very quickly following, my decision to go to DreamLife is one that to this day I am so grateful for. I could tell right away with entering this facility in the wee hours of the morning how different it was. Their overnight nursing staff made my intake process as easy and non-stressful as possible (and we all know how tough our few steps into rehab already are). Their facility was clean and cozy through some of my toughest first days followed. Everyone I encountered staff wise was friendly, caring and empathetic. I noticed very quickly how almost everyone that worked there was also in recovery, making my stay that much more comfortable. From groups to one on one counseling, I really felt like I was able to finally learn some vital steps in taking my sobriety and recovery seriously. Mike's ACT class (and his personality in general), personal Reiki sessions, STAT therapy with the horses and just the overall interaction with everyone I encountered in general will be moments I never forget. Overall, this place was a blessing when it came to me and my recovery.

Laura Kramer Laura Kramer

I honestly had the best experience here ever. I still say to this day Iā€™m happy I took the 6 hour trip up there. Everyone there was so sweet. Helped me through a lot of tough roads. I loved the adventures we went on to see the horses an actually get to interact with a horse an base your life on the actions of the horse you have. The groups we had there an the special guests we got were amazing. This facility is so amazing. I would recommend anyone looking to admit to this location. Thank you dream life for helping me get to where I am today šŸ’•

Stephen Robertson Stephen Robertson

An incredible place to begin the process of recovery. Thanks to DreamLife I am finally coming up on 90 days of continuous sobriety. I am not a first nighter by any means. I reached out to a guy in town who I knew worked in treatment, and he helped me just like he promised he would. I am not sure where I would be right now had it not been for my counselor David, and the guy Paul who answered his phone.

Cari Baird Cari Baird

My experience here was the absolute best!! They showed me how much I can enjoy life clean!! If it wasn't for this center I probably wouldn't be here!! They saved my life