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Delaney LindholmDelaney Lindholm

All residential treatment centers can help you get clean, but if you want the tools necessary to thoroughly transform your life and wellness, DreamLife Recovery is a top option. Everything about the program has been very carefully designed to be the best possible place for broken people who want to regain control of their lives and excel. “Healing hurts,” so it’s a good idea to do so at a place where the staff truly has your back. I made the best friends and memories there which still shocks me, considering the state I was in when I arrived. I’m so grateful for my experience there to this day. 10/10 highly highly highly recommend!

(Also, Curtis is the man. If you find yourself struggling during your stay, tell someone you’d like to please meet with him as soon as possible. You’ll see why.)

Dwayne AnthonyDwayne Anthony

Going to DreamLife was hands down the best decision of my entire life. The staff and therapists are extraordinarily qualified-and more than that- they really care. I will forever be grateful for this place. If you are struggling with mental health and/or addiction issues, call them. I promise you won’t regret it.

Angela ScolforoAngela Scolforo

I am so grateful for the comprehensive and compassionate services DreamLife provided to my son, walking him through his first 30 days of recovery. They moved court hearings to make this possible, they changed medications to provide more relief, and they enabled my son to heal. Every time they called I was impressed by their experience with and understanding of addiction and mental illness. They really understand. Their care for my son was excellent. My son loved the food, the work out equipment, and the musical instruments. He began playing the guitar again. They gave hope to me, my son, his siblings and his children. DreamLife is such a gift! Thank you!

Joseph TinkeyJoseph Tinkey

Dream Life saved my life. I spent 36 Days there Dream life treated with respect and never made me feel ashamed of myself Every employee had one purpose, the recovery of me and evey client there. The majority of the employees are recovering They didn't forget how it feels like to be in a rehabilitation center. I would recommend Dream Life to anyone

Nick HowardNick Howard

I came to Dreamlife after a very bad relapse. I called them at 8:30 PM after trying to contact a couple other places closer to home, but they were the only place that answered and were able to get things in motion that very same night. They picked me up in Ohio over 4hrs away and I was in detox the very next day. Their prompt response was a major blessing because I had been putting off getting help and was lucky to have even made the effort that night.

Their program starts with detoxification per the client's needs and then inpatient treatment. The nursing staff are extremely kind and do their best to provide comfort to get your body back to a stable conditon. I felt that the nurses and treatment staff genuinely care, and most are actually in recovery themselves. It's truly hard to find any organization were the staff care to this extent! Also, the facility is in great condition and very clean. The food is actually very good and prepared in house. They also provide endless options outside of meal times so you cant go hungry. They have it all covered, even a dog park. You can literally bring you pet to treatment! I brought my dog and it definitely helped signifcantly at the beginning of my stay when I was coming to terms with the mess I had made of my life.

I wish I could say this was my first treatment center, but it isn't, although I of course hope it's my last. However, I can say the therapy offered here was much more in depth than what I've experienced elsewhere and there were also numerous additional types of therapy available depending on the client's needs. They spare no resources when it comes to hiring qualified and capable staff! I'm not exaggerating, Dreamlife Recovery really does care about giving people the best chance to succeed. They conduct family sessions to help support your relationships going forward and to best understand your personal situation. They also provide options for PHP, sober housing, and outpatient treatment, and set up the best plan for your needs before you leave the facility. Nobody leaves Dreamlife without a real opportunity to succeed.

It was amazing seeing people come in to the program depressed, beaten down, or flat out defiant towards change; and then see their attitudes shift to the complete opposite, positive and optimistic. It happened like that for me too. I just really can't say enough good about my time at Dreamlife and the chance they've given me to get my life back on track. If your struggling with staying sober, whether it's alcohol or drugs, and your life is unmanageable, please give Dreamlife a call and maybe they can help you like they did me.

- Nick, Ohio