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Christine Revay Christine Revay

My loved one spent almost 30 days here. With a little experience with a couple other rehabs, this place was really great. The staff and the options for therapy were really great. One on one, group, music, art, adventure, yoga, and equine therapy were all things he got to partake in. He left with a lot of really great tools and felt like it was a really positive experience. For me, there was a Liazon who I could contact with concerns, questions, etc, which was very helpful and kept me involved in his progress and allowed time to express concerns and thoughts. Would definitely recommend this place. It didn’t have the clinical feeling that some other “hospital” like rehabs have, where you go to AA meetings all day, but closer to the luxury rehabs where they are addressing more than the physical addiction with multiple therapy options and a more affordable price.
Also, I will add that we were a little worried because of the bad reviews, but I will say that our experience was great. My loved one really did feel that it was a good place that offered a lot of help to those who actually want it. If you don’t want to be there and won’t do the work, it obviously will not be a good experience just as nowhere would be.

Shannon K Shannon K

One of the best rehabs I’ve ever been too. The staff and community was amazing. Everyone who works there is so kind and cares so much about the patients and making sure they are ok. I wasn’t there long but the time I was there I appreciated everyone there. ❤️

Lisa Appleby Lisa Appleby

As a warm hand off provider and outpatient clinician, Dream Life has been phenomenal with all referrals. Coordinator Paul answers the phone no matter the time of day, has outstanding communication skills with my patients, and ensures follow up plans are communicated with us. Our patients have all expressed a positive experience at Dream Life, from transportation, to treatment, to aftercare planning, Dream Life is my go to resource for inpatient needs.

Joe Cheeks Joe Cheeks

Hands down, the best facility I've ever been to. The staff here really cares and will go out of their way to help you as long as you're willing to help yourself. This is the #1 place to go if you're seeking treatment in Western Pa!

Alexandra Grady Alexandra Grady

Dreamlife was an amazing experience & the staff is BEYOND excellent. From the moment you step in the doors, you have access to counselors, therapist etc. and instantly feel at home. Not only is the support throughout the stay great - they also help you prepare for your departure and integration back into everyday life! The resources & activities utilized to help navigate recovery are things I use everyday! I’m beyond grateful to have Dreamlife staff & community on my journey towards successful sobriety!