Aftercare Planning: Drug and Alcohol Counseling

The First Year After Treatment

The first year of recovery after drug rehab will have challenges unique to each client. These challenges can strengthen a recovering individual’s resolve and dedication to a sober life — or they can lead to a relapse and return to addictive behavior and drug use. Drug and alcohol counseling is a mainstay of post-residential treatment. Those that have made it this far during their drug and/or alcohol recovery need every type of support possible to sustain their progress.

During this vulnerable time, it’s important for the person in recovery, who may have previously sought out opiate addiction help, to address challenges in a way that sharpens their recovery skills. Our aftercare program gives clients access to supplementary treatment to make sure they maintain a successful and sober life, having already sought out and received addiction help.

DreamLife Recovery, our drug rehab center near Pittsburgh has a commitment to the long-term success of our clients that is accomplished, in part, by our drug and alcohol counseling services. Our robust aftercare plan embodies this dedication to ongoing help after rehab.

Careful Discharge Planning

High-quality discharge planning and aftercare treatment will significantly increase the chances of long-lasting sobriety after graduating from DreamLife Recovery. Having already sought and found alcohol, cocaine ,and/or opiate addiction help, those who have made significant progress along their road to recovery deserve every boost and benefit that’s available. This is where DreamLife Recovery’s discharge planning and aftercare comes in.

Throughout your time with us, counselors and staff will work to prepare you for your return home with the tools needed for success. We know that recovery can be easier said than done, so before discharge, our trained professionals will discuss transition plans, concerns and goals to equip you with the knowledge to thrive in your new sober life.

MAP Care Solutions

When you are preparing to discharge from DreamLife Recovery, you will have the opportunity to sign up for MAP Care Solutions. MAP Care Solutions provides peer support services to connect you to people with shared experiences. If you decide to sign up for this support, you will be able to enter the MAP booth and video chat with a Peer Enrollment Specialist (PES). The PES will explain the program for you and introduce you to your MCS Peer Recovery Support Specialist (PRSS). Your first session with your PRSS will also be scheduled. Each PRSS has at least three years of self-recovery, and at least one year in recovery support. They are Nationally Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialists that understand what you are experiencing, as they have been there themselves.

MAP provides you with on-demand peer support during your first year of recovery. The first year can be very challenging and MAP will be there with unlimited calls with your PRSS and a 24/7 live peer support hotline. There is also a mobile app for additional recovery support. MAP also provides support for family members. For the first 90 days, the client will have 4 scheduled sessions per month with their MCS PRSS. Following that, sessions will be twice a month. These sessions are done over the phone or by video, depending on your preference. The PRSS will also have 2 scheduled sessions per month with family members of the client.

MAP also provides financial care through trained health care billing experts. They will ensure your insurance benefits are being properly utilized for your recovery plan. These experts will serve as a billing advocate between you and your insurance company to help guide and assist you with insurance billing.

MAP Care Solutions offers on-demand peer support to help you achieve and sustain long term recovery. Sign up in our MAP booth, at DreamLife Recovery, and continue your journey in recovery, with extra peer support.