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DreamLife Recovery, located in Donegal, Pennsylvania, is a pet-friendly rehab facility that treats drug and alcohol addiction and co-occurring disorders. Animals provide many benefits for people in recovery. During their inpatient stay, animals can offer our clients comfort and happiness. Our animal-assisted therapies, such as Equine Therapy, provides our clients with a unique form of treatment during recovery. Some people may put off treatment because they don’t know what to do with their pets. Don’t put off getting help for your addiction and come to DreamLife Recovery!

The benefits of owning a pet for a recovering addict extend far beyond the comfort provided during treatment. Continue reading to see how pets can help a person when they are trying to maintain their sobriety.

5 Benefits of Owning a Pet for Addicts in Recovery

1. Responsibility

Caring for a pet provides a person with a sense of responsibility. When an addict is in recovery, they may need something or someone to be responsible for, motivating them to stay sober. Motivation for success in sobriety can help prevent relapse.

2. Physical Activity
Many pets require walking or playtime that can provide a chance for physical activity. When another creature is relying on the addict for physical activity, they may be more motivated than they would have been on their own. Exercise helps keep the body active and reduces stress and anxiety.

3. Socialization
Pet communities are very active in today’s world. Whether its dog parks or groups online, it helps people be social in sober environments. It can provide another community, that doesn’t revolve around addiction and recovery, for people and help them build new connections.

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4. Routine
Pets force people into a routine whether they want it or not. From needing to go to the bathroom to feeding times to wanting to play, a routine is eventually developed with your animal. Routines are very beneficial for people in recovery. They stay on track and keep their routine because a living creature is relying on them to do it and this can help prevent situations that may lead to relapse.

5. Mood Booster
Having an animal around can boost a person’s mood and general outlook. Chemicals in the brain are released when caring for a pet that can help relieve anxiety and stress and make a person happier. Depression levels can be reduced in addition to the stress relief. A person who is happier and less stressed during recovery is less likely to relapse.

DreamLife Recovery is a premiere Pennsylvania drug rehab facility, offering clinical detox, MAT, residential, and aftercare planning programs for people struggling with alcohol or drug addiction and people with co-occurring disorders with addiction.

We offer the luxury of bringing your pet with you during inpatient treatment, on a case by case basis. Getting treatment at a pet-friendly rehab can also show you how beneficial a pet can be during recovery, if you don’t have one already. Animals and pets help addicts in recovery through companionship, responsibility, and routines. If you or a loved one are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, fill out a form on our website or call our 24/7 admissions team at (844) 402-3592.