Family Therapy Program

What is the Family Therapy Program?

Family therapy is a multi-person approach to therapy, centering the needs of the family and loved ones, rather than just focusing on one individual. At DreamLife Recovery, the therapy, also known as family counseling, offers families a foundation to create a healthy and open family system with renewed vision.

How Does the Family Therapy Program Work?

Through our family program, patients, and families receive a concrete understanding of substance use disorder and learn skills to create healthy changes to the family system. This can include the following:

  • Discovering how substance use disorder progresses
  • Transitioning from treatment to early recovery
  • Learning about the effect of substance use disorder on families
  • Analyzing signs of relapse triggers and behaviors
  • Understanding the differences between enabling addiction and supporting recovery
  • How to set effective boundaries
  • Building personal support systems
  • Forming healthy coping skills and opening communication
  • Introduction to the recovery programs at DreamLife Recovery

Family will be included in sessions if clinically appropriate, individualized basis and with client consent. Family will also be offered individual sessions without the client to address their concerns, process past trauma from the loved one’s use and begin their path to recovery separate from the client, individualized, and as needed/requested.

DreamLife Recovery also offers virtual therapy access for those that may not be able to attend in-person sessions.

Benefits of the Family Therapy Program

Effective family therapy program sessions can help reform previously fragile relationships, opening communication and building a path toward healthy stability. For those struggling with addiction, this can mean understanding how their substance abuse issues can harm their relationships, while their friends and family can help understand how to help them avoid enabling and re-triggering their addictive habits.

The benefits of family therapy are not solely linked to substance abuse addiction, however. It can offer family and loved one’s an opportunity to foster a positive relationship environment, built to handle some of life’s other distressing challenges, such as financial issues, separation, and more.

For those interesting to learn more about DreamLife Recovery’s family therapy program and process, please contact our team today.