Family Therapy Program

Family Therapy Program in Donegal, Pennsylvania

Family therapy is a multi-person approach to therapy, centering on the needs of the family and loved ones, rather than just focusing on one individual. At DreamLife Recovery in Donegal, Pennsylvania, our family counseling offers a foundation to create a healthy and open family system with renewed vision.

How Does the Family Therapy Program Work?

Through our family program, patients and families receive a concrete understanding of substance use disorder and learn skills to create healthy changes to the family system. This can include the following:

  • Discovering how substance use disorder progresses
  • Transitioning from treatment to early recovery
  • Learning about the effect of substance use disorder on families
  • Analyzing signs of relapse triggers and behaviors
  • Understanding the differences between enabling addiction and supporting recovery
  • How to set effective boundaries
  • Building personal support systems
  • Forming healthy coping skills and opening communication
  • Introduction to the recovery programs at DreamLife Recovery

The family will be included in sessions, if clinically appropriate, on an individualized basis and with client consent. The family will also be offered individual sessions without the client to address their concerns, process past trauma from the loved one’s substance use, and begin their path to recovery separate from the client, individualized, and as needed/requested.

DreamLife Recovery also offers virtual therapy access for those that may not be able to attend in-person sessions.

Benefits of the Family Therapy Program

There are many stigmas associated with addiction, and clients often feel embarrassed or ashamed by their disease. The largest benefit that family therapy provides is proof to the client that they have the support of the people they love the most. Clients may not realize that their family members are understanding and willing to work with them throughout the recovery process. Family therapy helps patients by showing them they have a support system already in place to assist them during this challenging time.

Alcoholism and drug addiction impact everyone close to the person struggling with addiction. It takes a toll on the family’s relationships, sense of unity, physical and mental health, and the emotional and financial stability of the home. DreamLife Recovery not only encourages familial involvement in a client’s recovery but also offers an extended intensive family recovery program.

Effective family therapy program sessions can help by reforming previously fragile relationships, opening communication, and building a path toward healthy stability. For those struggling with addiction, this can mean understanding how their substance abuse issues can harm their relationships, while their friends and family can understand how to help them avoid enabling and re-triggering their addictive habits.

The benefits of family therapy are not solely linked to substance abuse addiction. It can offer family and loved one’s an opportunity to foster a positive relationship environment, built to handle some of life’s other distressing challenges, such as financial issues, separation, and more.

Addiction Education For The Family

Addiction is one of the most misunderstood diseases. Some family members may inaccurately believe their relative is choosing to become addicted, or has become addicted solely as a result of poor life choices. Family therapy provides family members with expert knowledge and information about drug addiction and recovery treatment options.

Family therapy programs work with everyone in the family to help them understand the causes of addiction and the various treatment programs available. By learning about the addiction treatment process and developing a better understanding of the disease of addiction, family members will be able to provide their loved ones with a better, more knowledgeable and understanding support system.

Overcome Conflicts With Family Treatment

At DreamLife Recovery, families enjoy the guidance of a qualified counseling professional to learn how to best support their loved ones in recovery. In many families, conflicts and issues go unresolved because they are misunderstood. At times, these unresolved issues contribute to the client’s addiction. Participation in counseling can help families work through larger, detrimental family issues.

A professional counselor will work with all members of the family as a group, as well as individuals. Our goal is to help the family overcome issues and conflicts, so they work together to provide the client with the best support system possible.

Creating A Long Term Recovery Plan

Family therapy programs also help family members create a long-term plan for themselves, and for their loved one who is receiving treatment at our facility.

The detox process and treatment program is only the first step in receiving treatment for addiction to drugs and alcohol. Once the client has graduated from the program, they have the opportunity to start a fresh, sober life. This can often be the biggest challenge, not only for the client but also for their support network.

Family therapy workshops help patients work together with their family members to create a plan for the future. This includes offering tips and advice for future support, as well as setting professional and personal goals.

Research has shown that friends and family members who take part in collaborative counseling aid in the creation of a reliable foundation for their loved one. This foundation allows for greater success in recovery once the client returns home.

For those interested to learn more about DreamLife Recovery’s family therapy program and process, please contact our team today.