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Robert Downey Jr.’s Heroic Recovery: From Addict to Iron Man

One of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood, Robert Downey Jr., is as well-known for being a talented, successful actor as he is for his struggle with addiction. He spent decades in and out of rehab, sobering up, slipping up, and getting arrested. It was a downward spiral that ended with him serving time in state prison. It took him losing everything—his money, career, and family—to finally face his addiction head-on...

How to Identify Signs of Opiate Abuse in a Loved One

Has a loved one started to act erratically, or just… differently? Has their behavior changed so much so that you believe it could be a substance abuse problem? Is it possible its opiate abuse? The signs of opiate abuse in a loved one are sometimes hard to spot. It’s easy to deny the truth to yourself and others. Sometimes the changes in an addicted person are as dramatic as not bathing, changing groups of friends, and getting...

How to Help Someone With Addiction, When You’ve Tried Everything Else

Addictions can confuse even the most centered and intelligent people in the world. This is because addictions don't follow the laws of logic and reason. For many, this can lead to extreme frustration and a feeling of defeat. Especially, when they feel like they've tried everything to help someone overcome an addiction. Knowing how to help someone with an addiction is difficult. None of us naturally know how to help and...

Cognitive Behaviorial Therapy for Addiction: Separating Fact from Fiction

If you're looking into potential treatment options for alcoholism or drug addiction, it's quite likely you'll come across facilities that offer cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT. So is cognitive behavioral therapy for addiction a good choice? And what exactly is CBT? This article will explore both of these questions so you can make a better-informed choice for yourself. What Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy? CBT is a type of talk-based therapy. During a CBT session,...

Recovery Questions and Answers: 7 Frequently Asked Questions About Drug Treatment Programs

The estimated cost of drug abuse a year in the US is more than $820 billion. It is an epidemic in our society that has no cure. Thankfully, there is treatment. Read on for the top 7 most commonly asked recovery questions and their answers. 1. What Exactly is Addiction Rehab? The first question people ask about recovery treatment is always, "what is it"? Recovery treatments are varied. There are many drug treatment options out there....