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Navigating the Holiday Minefield

by Mary Fran Bontempo Navigating the Holiday Minefield Ah, the holidays! The time of year when worries are sent packing and the world is bright with cheer, love, and lots and lots of temptation, triggers and potential traps for those struggling with addiction.  When families are embroiled in a loved one’s addiction, the holidays can […]

Lost and Afraid

by Mary Fran Bontempo Lost and Afraid As we drove up to the historic-looking white building outside of Philadelphia, I felt oddly detached, almost numb. Ordinarily, such a place would have sparked my curiosity about the origins of the house—what had it been used for years ago? Philadelphia is an area rich in history, something I always […]

Heroin Addiction in Pittsburgh, PA: Statistics and Treatment Options

The statistics of heroin abuse in Pittsburgh, PA, and the surrounding areas are astounding. Deaths from heroin overdose are on the rise. This article covers not only key statistics but includes an outline of DreamLife Recovery’s rehabilitation program. The Volume of the Problem Pennsylvania ranks 26th in national opioid abuse statistics. Heroin, a popular opioid, […]

Residential Rehab for Addiction Treatment: What Options are Available?

There are many factors to take into account when choosing the right residential treatment program for addiction. Some things like: • How long does the treatment last? • What is the aftercare program like? • Does the facility have dual diagnosis capabilities? • Is the facility wheelchair accessible? • Is the program holistic? • What […]

Residential Treatment for Heroin Addiction: A Timeline of Recovery

Recovery from heroin addiction is hard work and it can be very scary to admit that you have a problem and that you need help. What’s most important is the realization that you want help and you want to commit to sobriety. Here at DreamLife Recovery in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we are committed to making your […]

Life in Recovery Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Feel at Home

Recovery is more than the process of ending substance abuse. It’s the process of rebuilding and healing. Individuals who suffer from addiction need the opportunity to end alcohol or drug use. But, they also need to develop the skills and tools that will help them to avoid addiction relapse in the future. The only way […]

Alcohol Treatment Options Can Vary Depending Upon the Severity of an Individual’s Alcohol Problem

An estimated 88,129 people died from excess use of alcohol between 2006 and 2010. Alcohol abuse has become a prevalent issue in the United States over the years. Many times, it begins with a first drink and all too frequently ends in death. While this is grave news, all is not lost. One can get treated for […]

Here’s The Difference Between Real Substance Abuse Rehab And So-Called Luxury Options

Those who’ve had to learn about the world of addiction recovery services will have undoubtedly encountered the term “luxury.” It sounds inviting, but it’s often applied with a broad brush and rings hollow, too. When someone struggling with addiction needs to enter a substance abuse rehab, what they really need is a continuum of care […]

Addiction Recovery For Some Best Accomplished Inside Residential Treatment Centers

Addiction is isolating. The negative pressure this condition can put on a person could make them feel like they are all alone. What’s worse, someone suffering from addiction issues will also likely feel like they must fly solo to find the approach that’s best for them. This isn’t the case when someone turns to residential […]

Luxury Drug Treatment Centers Can Aid Young Adults Struggling With Substance Abuse

While addiction knows no bounds, there’s a certain group who are more likely to fall victim to this disease: young adults. While experimenting with drugs and alcohol often becomes an issue during early teenage years, this behavior – if left unchecked – can cement lasting problems into young adulthood and beyond. According to the Substance […]

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