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November 9, 2022

Pets in Recovery

The path to recovery may seem long, especially when you need to move to an inpatient facility. You might worry about not knowing anyone or finding the support you need. Thankfully, pet-friendly addiction centers provide…
November 3, 2022

LGBTQ and Dual Diagnosis

The rate of addiction is high among people in the LGBTQ community because of the daily challenges they endure. On top of it all, consistent discrimination can cause damage to their overall mental health and…
October 25, 2022

The Need for LGBTQ-Specific Addiction Treatment

The LGBTQ community has higher alcohol and drug addiction rates than many other groups of people. Individuals who identify as part of this community face many unique challenges that may contribute to higher addiction rates.…
October 18, 2022

Nutrition and Addiction Recovery

While healthy eating habits benefit everyone, they can be crucial to addiction recovery. Every addiction — no matter how long it lasted — can negatively affect the body as your systems work overtime to eliminate…
October 6, 2022

8 Gift Ideas for Sober Friends

Sobriety gifts are an excellent way to honor a loved one who has worked hard on their recovery. If you've supported a friend or family member through this journey, you're probably excited to celebrate their…
September 23, 2022

Is Microdosing Addictive? Microdosing vs. Macrodosing

Macrodosing and microdosing are words you might hear when people are discussing hallucinogens, primarily LSD, DMT and psilocybin (magic mushrooms). Macrodosing refers to a “normal” dose of these substances, generally causing intense hallucinations, euphoria and…

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