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Treatment For

Substance Abuse

Opioids, benzodiazepines, cocaine, and others

Treatment For

Alcohol Abuse

Binge drinking and alcohol dependency

Treatment For

Dual Diagnosis

A co-occurring mental health disorder and substance use disorder

24 Hour Service

Safe & Peaceful Environment


    Residential treatment at our rehab facility in PA, provides a safe environment for early recovery. Our clients start their healing journey here through intensive therapy and interventions including cognitive, behavioral, somatic, trauma, grief, and loss reprocessing.

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    Detoxification is the experience of removing toxins or alcohol from the body. Our trained professionals provide guidance and comfort if complications occur during the detox process, including around-the-clock support or medication-assisted treatment.

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  • MAT

    Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) is the use of medications, in conjunction with behavioral therapies, to reduce a person’s dependence on drugs and alcohol. Medications can be used to help reduce withdrawal symptoms during treatment.

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  • Aftercare

    We set our clients up for long-term success by developing a comprehensive and sustainable aftercare plan. Successful aftercare requires continued participation in relapse prevention activities such as therapy and support groups.

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Treatment Modalities

Our treatment modalities offer a variety of options, which allows us to find a method of therapy that works best for you. We know every person is different, so we individualize each program to find the right fit for you to find success in recovery.


Psychotherapy is talk therapy used to allow clients to understand their moods, feelings, thoughts, and behaviors.


Dialectical Behavior Therapy is talk therapy focused on skills to cope with extreme mood changes.


Psychodrama therapy allows clients to gain insight into their lives through role playing and guided dramatization. It can be used in individual or group settings.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is used to change thoughts and behaviors to improve your emotional state.


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy is used to treat psychological reactions to traumatic experiences. The use of sensory input diverts the client’s attention as they share past experiences.

Marriage & Family Therapy

Familial involvement during recovery can allow a client to resolve conflicts and issues their addiction may have caused. It can provide family members with the information and plan they may need to support their loved one.


Why DreamLife Recovery?

Individual Specialized Care

At DreamLife Recovery, we provide an environment where each client receives effective treatment according to their individual needs. This offers each individual the tools needed to attain a life of successful, lasting sobriety. We will help you make your DreamLife of sobriety a reality.

Why DreamLife Recovery?

Animal-Assisted Therapy

Animal-Assisted Therapy, in conjunction with our full continuum of care, can be very beneficial for people in recovery. You may be able to bring your pet with you! *Determined on a case by case basis.

Learn More about DreamLife Recovery

DreamLife Recovery wants to help as many people as they can to receive treatment and get the help they need to achieve sobriety. Reach out to us right now to find help for yourself or a loved one.


DreamLife Recovery accepts most major insurances. Click here to learn more and verify your benefits.


Making the decision to get help can be one of the most important choices in your life. We are here to help our clients get the help they need; and provide them with the information they need to get that help.

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Our admissions team is available 24/7 to assist you. Call (844) 402-3592 or start a chat right now!


Dream Life helped save my life. The staff walked hand and hand with me through my journey. The groups were consistent and extremely intimate. To top it off, the facility was beyond clean and comfortable. I 100% recommend this place if you are ready to start a beautiful journey to your new life!

- Colleen

Dreamlife has forever changed my life. There are times in the real world I wish that I was still there with the friends that I made. I was dead on the inside I had hit rock bottoms rock bottom. I went to DreamLife spiritually broken and mentally disturbed and they helped me find the right balance with grounding, the right meds and pure love. I highly recommend anyone battling substance abuse to give them a call, you can literally go with the clothes on your back. They provide hygiene, cater the best food and put you in beautiful rooms I am thankful for having a chance through their doors.

- Ashleigh

If you truly want recovery, this place is a great rehabilitation center for both drugs and alcohol! It has great amenities and a caring and compassionate staff! It is hard to find a recovery center that has both great amenities and caring staff, this place has both!

- Andrew

Executive Team

Peter Ventre, MD
Managing Partner and Psychiatrist
Dr. Howard Schwartz , MD
Managing Partner
Lidice Morales
VP of Operations
Sandeep Mendiratta
Chief Medical Officer
David Lambie
Director of Nursing
Todd Barton
Director of Human Resources

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