Choosing Rehab Clothing: The Ultimate Packing Checklist for Inpatient Treatment

Over 1.3 million Americans enter a rehab facility each year to fight an addiction. If you’re among them, you deserve congratulations for taking this important and brave first step towards sobriety. You may also be wondering exactly what you should bring with you for your stay in rehab. While this varies by treatment center, we’ve pulled together […]

How to Identify Signs of Opiate Abuse in a Loved One

Has a loved one started to act erratically, or just… differently? Has their behavior changed so much so that you believe it could be a substance abuse problem? Is it possible its opiate abuse? The signs of opiate abuse in a loved one are sometimes hard to spot. It’s easy to deny the truth to […]

Medically Supervised Detox: The Answer to Better Addiction Care?

Nearly half of Americans have a close friend or relative who has been addicted to drugs at some point in their lives. This shows how vast the problem of drug addiction is, and that it can happen to almost anyone. When it comes to recovering from addiction to drugs and alcohol, there are a variety of […]

Dangerous Drugs: What’s the Difference Between Crack and Coke?

Crack, cocaine, snow, and powder? What does it all mean? Drugs come in a variety of forms. But just because one type looks different from the other, there isn’t a “safe” way to ingest cocaine. Any kind of cocaine usage leads to physical and mental harm that requires in-house treatment. What is the difference between […]

Are You a High Functioning Alcoholic? 9 Signs You Have a Drinking Problem

Did you know that almost 20% of alcoholics are considered high functioning? These people typically make a good income and are often well educated. Identifying if you, or someone you love, have functioning alcoholism can be a difficult task because work and family life may not be affected.  Continue reading to learn about the nine signs of […]

How to Help Someone With Addiction, When You’ve Tried Everything Else

Addictions can confuse even the most centered and intelligent people in the world. This is because addictions don’t follow the laws of logic and reason. For many, this can lead to extreme frustration and a feeling of defeat. Especially, when they feel like they’ve tried everything to help someone overcome an addiction. Knowing how to […]

Cognitive Behaviorial Therapy for Addiction: Separating Fact from Fiction

If you’re looking into potential treatment options for alcoholism or drug addiction, it’s quite likely you’ll come across facilities that offer cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT. So is cognitive behavioral therapy for addiction a good choice? And what exactly is CBT? This article will explore both of these questions so you can make a better-informed […]

Alcohol Treatment Options Can Vary Depending Upon the Severity of an Individual’s Alcohol Problem

An estimated 88,129 people died from excess use of alcohol between 2006 and 2010. Alcohol abuse has become a prevalent issue in the United States over the years. Many times, it begins with a first drink and all too frequently ends in death. While this is grave news, all is not lost. One can get treated for […]

What to Expect from Inpatient Drug Treatment

Drug overdoses kill an average of 44,000 people every year. They are the number one cause of injury-related death in America. Substance abusers are in desperate need for a solution. Are you seeking inpatient drug treatment for yourself or a loved one? Maybe you’re avoiding treatment or bringing up the subject because you don’t know what to expect? The […]

Is There Such Thing as Health Insurance that Covers Substance Abuse?

Although over 22 million Americans need treatment for a drug or alcohol problem, less than 2.5 million ever get that treatment. There are barriers to getting treatment for drug or alcohol addiction. For many people, the problem lies in finding an affordable rehab. For those people, there is health insurance that covers substance abuse. And there are […]

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