I’m Mary Fran and I’m a Mother

By Mary Fran Bontempo Table of Contents On Mother’s Day, 2010, I learned I was the mother of a heroin addict.“Your son is a heroin addict.”I’m Mary Fran Bontempo and my son, David, is in recovery from alcohol and heroin addiction. On Mother’s Day, 2010, I learned I was the mother of a heroin addict. […]

What to Expect During Opioid Withdrawal: A Timeline

Table of Contents What are Opioids Doing to Pennsylvanians? What Goes into Opioid Withdrawal?Why is it So Hard to Stop Using Drugs?When Does Physical Withdrawal Begin? When is a Recovering Victim of Addiction Most Likely to Relapse? What are Some Other Symptoms of Withdrawal? Do Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms Stop After 48 Hours?What Affects the Outcome of Recovery from an […]

What to Expect if You Are Getting Treatment for Mental Health or Addiction in Pittsburgh, PA

Seeking help for any medical condition can be a harrowing experience. Few things are as scary as seeking help for an addiction disorder. There is a stigma attached to having an addiction disorder, even for people who are seeking help. But you are doing the right thing. Being able to turn away from your old […]

Fentanyl Addiction in Pittsburgh, PA: What is It and What Do I Need to Know About It?

Fentanyl is one of the most dangerous drugs in the country. Addiction treatment for fentanyl is becoming more and more requested as people are becoming dependent on this drug. Some states, like Ohio, even have booths set up at music festivals and other events notorious for drug use that provide kits to test for impurities […]

Drugs and The Dark Web: A Dangerous Combination

Drugs and The Dark Web There is a lot of information and many assumptions about the dark web. Most people have no idea what the dark web is, how it works or what really takes place. Also, many people do not know the difference between the dark web and the deep web. In many cases, […]

Heroin Addiction in Pittsburgh, PA: Statistics and Treatment Options

The statistics of heroin abuse in Pittsburgh, PA, and the surrounding areas are astounding. Deaths from heroin overdose are on the rise. This article covers not only key statistics but includes an outline of DreamLife Recovery’s rehabilitation program. Table of Contents The Volume of the ProblemLethal Overdoses on the RiseDemographic Breakdown, who is at More […]

Residential Rehab for Addiction Treatment: What Options are Available?

There are many factors to take into account when choosing the right residential treatment program for addiction. Some things like: • How long does the treatment last? • What is the aftercare program like? • Does the facility have dual diagnosis capabilities? • Is the facility wheelchair accessible? • Is the program holistic? • What […]

PHP for Heroin Treatment: Are you a Candidate?

Table of Contents What is a Partial Hospitalization Program?The First Step of PHP: DetoxMedical Tapering: Understanding the TreatmentA Deeper Look at Withdrawals from HeroinWhat to Expect After You Make the First Step Towards RecoveryWe Offer a Plan for HealingReference: What is a Partial Hospitalization Program? Partial Hospitalization Programs are often a good choice in detoxing […]

Alcoholism in Pittsburgh PA: Statistics, and Treatment Options

Part of the problem with identifying alcoholism and when your loved one needs to go to an alcohol rehab clinic like ours in Pittsburgh, PA or your surrounding area is not easy. Alcohol is deeply embedded in not only national but our local culture. Everyone drinks a little too much sometimes, but when does it […]

Residential Treatment for Heroin Addiction: A Timeline of Recovery

Recovery from heroin addiction is hard work and it can be very scary to admit that you have a problem and that you need help. What’s most important is the realization that you want help and you want to commit to sobriety. Here at DreamLife Recovery in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we are committed to making your […]

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