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Choosing the right facility to treat your client’s substance or alcohol addiction can be difficult and overwhelming. There are many facilities available with a variety of therapy options. Clearly, you want to pick the one that will best fit the needs of your client. Below we will show why DreamLife Recovery can be the right fit for your client.

Why DreamLife Recovery?
DreamLife Recovery is a physician owned, 24 hour medically monitored detox and inpatient substance abuse and mental health facility. Dr. Peter Ventre is extremely hands on with each client to ensure that each individual is receiving the appropriate care for their substance use disorder and/or mental health concerns.

Some of our therapists specialize in trauma, and all of our clinicians are trauma informed. Each client receives one primary therapist and a secondary therapist for presenting comorbidity. DreamLife Recovery offers MAT (suboxone, vivitrol, naltrexone, sublocade, among others) as an option for those who are interested in that pathway.

DreamLife Recovery has a dedicated admissions and outreach team that is available 24/7. Each patient receives an in-depth pre-screening assessment, by phone, to ensure the appropriate program, with the proper treatment modalities, is being recommended to fit the individual’s needs to help them succeed in their recovery.

Our case management team will provide weekly updates informing you of your clients stay with us at DreamLife Recovery, if a release of information form is filled out for the referral source.

DreamLife Recovery, in Donegal, Pennsylvania, is located less than an hour from downtown Pittsburgh. Our welcoming and safe rehab facility offers the opportunity to acquire the skills needed to positively transform your client's life and help them find sobriety.

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Our team of clinicians, case managers, and outreach coordinators work together to find the best aftercare plan upon a clients return to their home and community. The staff at DreamLife Recovery works as a collaborative team to ensure each client is receiving the highest level of care possible. We are here to help our clients find success in sobriety.

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