Lisa Hoey’s Story at DreamLife Recovery

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After drinking from a young age, Lisa sought recovery and became sober from alcohol 24 years ago. However, her story was just getting started. A year following her recovery, Lisa was prescribed Xanax for her anxiety, and three separate psychiatrists kept her on the drug for 23 years.

Seven years ago, Lisa underwent carpal tunnel surgery on both wrists. She discussed with her surgeon before the surgery about her past addiction, her current medications and her concern with becoming addicted to opioids. Her doctor assured her she would not have a problem and prescribed her Vicodin for the pain.

For the next seven years, Lisa struggled with opioid addiction. Any time she was stressed or sad, she would take another pill. She tried to have people hold her medications to control her dosage, but she sought out more. Lisa recognized her problem when she stole opioids from her parents and asked her son to get her Xanax.

In October 2021, Lisa began her journey with DreamLife Recovery. She was initially hesitant while in the detox program, but once she joined the residential portion, she quickly began building her community with other ladies on her floor. She admits it was challenging but found herself making significant progress.

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How DreamLife Recovery Helped

DreamLife helped Lisa discover that she was a stronger person than she thought. With the supportive staff, Lisa overcame her dependence on medications and her fear of speaking in front of others as a group leader.

Through regular therapy sessions and talks with the staff, Lisa realized she did not need medications to take care of herself. Instead, she learned healthy coping mechanisms, outlets for channeling her emotions, and general tips on how to adjust back to reality.

Lisa finished the program with newfound freedom and a passion for helping others. After getting home, she referred two other people to DreamLife who also completed the program and are on their way to recovery.

Seek Support at DreamLife Recovery

Like Lisa, you can overcome addiction and gain the tools to maintain sobriety. Interested about hearing more true recovery stories? Read David Correy’s story here. DreamLife Recovery is here to support you every step of the way. For more information, fill out our online form¬†or call 844-402-3592 today.