David Correy’s Story at DreamLife Recovery

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David Correy was living his dream as a musician after becoming a finalist on The X Factor. When his adoptive parents passed away, his world changed and alcohol addiction took hold of his life.

Listen to David Correy’s story and learn how he overcame his addiction with help from DreamLife Recovery.

David Correy’s Recovery Story

David Correy was on his world tour when his mom died of cancer. Shortly after David returned home, his dad passed from a heart attack on Christmas Eve. Losing his parents caused his mental health to plummet, and he began drinking excessively. His addiction led to severe physical changes that caused others to worry about him. After a day of binge drinking in New Orleans, David had an argument with his wife that led him to pursue sobriety.

David began his journey to recovery at DreamLife Recovery in 2020. When he first arrived, he was frightened, and feelings of self-hatred brewed inside him. Still, David got to know the staff and became more comfortable in the support system surrounding him. However, his worries prevented him from feeling ready to complete the treatment program, and he left after a few weeks.

Two years later, David returned to DreamLife Recovery and was determined to make a change. He was on a mission to accept resources and help from those surrounding him to never return to the person he once was.

How DreamLife Recovery Helped

DreamLife Recovery’s supportive staff helped David realize he wasn’t alone and that he could overcome his addiction. During this time, he learned how to live with less and expect more of himself.

Regular therapy sessions, talks with staff and recovery classes also taught David how to safely and effectively handle his emotions when he gets stressed. Learning healthy coping skills like deep breathing, meditation and more prepares individuals to deal with life after treatment. Throughout his stay, the DreamLife Recovery team was there for David, encouraging him to express every emotion and teaching him how to cope with his feelings.

When you attend DreamLife Recovery, you’ll learn and receive the tools you need to remain sober and deal with the real world. Once you’ve completed treatment, you can apply these lessons to your life and begin living again.

Find Help at DreamLife Recovery

You can change your life like David Correy. DreamLife Recovery will support you and help you retake control. When you’re ready to take the first step in recovery, call us at 844-402-3592 orĀ fill out our online form.

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