Mitch has saved my life twice. He’s been nothing but a godsend of guidance and wisdom. When I realized he could [overcome substance abuse], I knew I could too. Because of our ongoing communication, he helps with any curveball that [comes my way]. He is the best [in his field] and no one could do it better, in my own opinion. To care about [clients] the way he does is a gift to the world and to me.




Today is my son’s 34th birthday. I believe he is alive, well and celebrating because of God’s grace and Mitch Baumann.

As a parent himself, Mitch knows what it means to love unconditionally, and has taken this love out into the world. His professionalism mixed with his passion, inspiration, discipline, empathy and compassion to help those that are lost in the throes of addiction is remarkable. He saw the greatness in my son and helped him achieve self-worth. My son has blossomed into the man I always knew was there.

Mitch is a servant of God, humble, and a true man of integrity. I pray that many more will have the opportunity to know him and be blessed by his work and passion to make each life a life worth living.


Mother of the Client


I am a woman in her 50’s [who] suffers from severe PTSD. I was…abused…for many years. For many years I used alcohol, drugs and other unhealthy coping techniques.

My therapist recommended the IOP program where I worked with Dr. Gina Marchando. She was very compassionate / empathetic but challenged me to look at my thoughts and emotions – showed me several techniques to help manage the constant triggers and with all the daily sessions I became aware of my strengths.

I feel blessed having Dr. Marchando help me move along my journey of healing.




Danny Mills has been a part of my life and my recovery for the last 6 years, and since July of 2014 has been my sponsor. He has been there for me as I faced prison time, he has stood by and given me an ear when I lost my job the day I moved out of my halfway house, and has always reminded me that no matter what, God will take care of me.

When I got into a relationship in early recovery, I told him that I didn’t think it was going to work because she wasn’t like any other girl I had dated and he told me maybe that’s why I should give it a chance. I am now engaged to that very same woman and Danny will be a part of my wedding.

It’s amazing to think that almost 4 years ago our conversations were on just not picking up – now we discuss credit scores and plans for our futures. Danny isn’t a support – he is family, he is my best friend, and the gratitude I have for his dedication to me, my life and my recovery are infinite.




I’m a recovering addict coming up on 2 years of sobriety. One of my greatest supporters in recovery has been Mitch Baumann. I met him when I was in a recovery house and he became one of the best positive male role models to enter my life through the road of recovery. He walked what he talked in every way. He didn’t preach at me like many people did; he simply told me his experience and offered solid advice on how to handle day-to-day life decisions.

Mitch has never given up on anyone. I’ve watched Mitch countless times go to bat for his clients when they relapsed and he got them back into a program. He uses the tools he was blessed with in recovery to turn and help others. I know I am forever grateful to have met him and have his continued support in my life.

Mitch believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself.




I came to Dr. Gina Marchando broken, hopeless and ready to die. I never felt there was hope for me. I went to many programs and met with many so-called helpers, only to be discharged, disbelieved or told I was ‘too much.’

After a total breakdown, which Dr. Marchando renamed a breakthrough, the more I attempted to push her away, the harder Dr. Marchando pulled me into the life of recovery I have today.

She was the first truly safe adult I had met, she was a role model, she was a mentor. And I will never forget the gift of life she has given me.




I’d like to display my absolute appreciation for the kidness and generosity that I receive everyday from DreamLife Recovery. There is one person in particular that leads the way when it comes to proper treatment of your clients – he is the founder and beacon of hope for all addicts, Mitchell Baumann.

I wasn’t sure how to comprehend Mitch’s upfront, stoic, and unbridled energy. He laid it out crystal clear and heavier than lead: if you want to be clean and sober, start living like God intended you to. Mitch opened his arms like the father I wish I had, guided me, and gave me the tools I so desperately needed to get my feet back on the ground.

Mitch understands what it’s like to be an addict and his clients respect that.




Some days are a lot easier than others, but at least today I can talk about them. I turned 25 this year and everything seems brand new. I never expected to live this long nor did those around me.

I have just celebrated 3 years of sobriety, finished college last year and bought my first house. I thank you for the time, patience and opportunity given to me by you and others throughout my recovery journey, for a journey it has been and continues to be.




Working with Dr. Gina Marchando changed my life. Prior to working with Dr. Marchando I’d been to seven different inpatient treatment centers but to no avail. Dr. Marchando saw what no one else saw. She saw me, the real me, the real issues. I was incredibly blessed to get the opportunity to have Dr. Marchando as my therapist and i hope many more struggling individuals will have that same opportunity.

Dr. Marchando helped me turn my life around and for that i will be forever grateful.



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