Recovery Work Initiative Internship Program

Alumni members of an addiction treatment center in Westmoreland County, PA
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DreamLife’s Recovery Work Initiative Internship Program

DreamLife Recovery, located in Donegal, Pennsylvania, is a drug and alcohol rehab facility with MATdetoxresidential, and aftercare planning. Treatment is provided to those struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol and co-occurring disorders with addiction. We are proud to now be offering a unique opportunity for the active members of our alumni program. Members who have achieved a minimum of 90 days of clean time may apply to participate in DreamLife’s Recovery Work Initiative Internship Program. 

The Recovery Work Initiative Internship Program is designed to give people the chance to have and maintain a job that keeps them connected to the recovery community. After leaving rehab, some people struggle to find work, especially with the stigmas that surround addiction. DreamLife wants to help provide their alumni with work opportunities. This internship can provide them experience with holding down a job to show future employers that they are reliable. The paid internship will last four months. At the end of the four months, participants will be eligible for full-time employment at DreamLife, if appropriate.

Every three months, DreamLife will look for and hire alumni for the Recovery Work Initiative Internship Program. Alumni that have been sober for 90 consecutive days can apply for this program by submitting an essay expressing their interest in DreamLife Recovery, why they should be accepted into the program, and how this opportunity may help them. Your essay should not exceed 250 words and can be submitted to the Director of the Department of Community Relations at

Benefits of a Work Initiative Internship Program for People in Recovery

Staying connected to the world of recovery is always beneficial for those trying to maintain their sobriety after rehab. Re-entering the world after rehab can be very overwhelming and stressful, especially for those having trouble finding work. Some employers may be hesitant to hire people that have struggled with addiction due to the stigmas surrounding it and the concerns of reliability. The Recovery Work Initiative Internship Program provides a chance to return to work after 90 consecutive days of sobriety. This can allow DreamLife’s alumni the stability of having a job to go to every day and keep them involved in maintaining their sobriety. The four-month program will give alumni a credible resource to add to their resumes to search for future employment. They will also have the chance to be hired full-time at DreamLife Recovery after the successful completion of the program.

Returning to work after rehab can help many maintain their lives in recovery by providing routine, responsibility, and stability. Having a purpose to keep a consistent schedule helps many with sobriety. Unfortunately, finding work is not always easy after rehab. DreamLife Recovery has created its Recovery Work Initiative Internship Program to help active members of their alumni network return to the workforce.

Importance of an Alumni Network for Recovery

In order to successfully stay sober, people in recovery often rely on the community they have formed around them. People may go to meetings, have sponsors, continue therapy, stay in contact with their alumni network, work in the recovery field, or all of the above. DreamLife Recovery has now been open for over a year and is hoping to build a strong network of connections in their alumni program. Programs like this build a strong community of trusted allies to help and support each other. Social media groups and chats keep them stay in contact with each other. Alumni events allow people to gather with others that are also maintaining their sobriety. These connections can be the difference between staying sober or relapsing. Staying active in the recovery community provides reminders of the methods and lessons learned during rehab.  Staying connected and establishing resources and friends in recovery can help many stay on the path to their Dream Lives.

If you or a loved one has successfully completed treatment at DreamLife Recovery, get active in our alumni network! Apply for our Recovery Work Initiative Internship Program to work as a paid intern at DreamLife if it can help you re-enter the workforce.

If you or someone you know is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, get help today at DreamLife Recovery! Call our admissions team at (844) 402-3592 or fill out a form now!