Pets in Recovery

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The path to recovery may seem long, especially when you need to move to an inpatient facility. You might worry about not knowing anyone or finding the support you need. Thankfully, pet-friendly addiction centers provide individuals with opportunities to seek healing with a companion by their side.

Why Include Pets in Alcohol Recovery?

Addiction recovery can be a long process. The journey may be filled with many challenging obstacles to navigate. While individuals have the support of a caring treatment facility, they may require other forms of support. Pets can provide the personal connection and motivation many individuals need to continue through their recovery.

Individuals who move into a residential recovery program may find reassurance in bringing their pets. Their pet can remind them of home and provide a comfortable sense of familiarity. Pets can also offer constant companionship and love, helping individuals feel safe as they strive to make changes in their life.

Many individuals may hesitate to seek addiction recovery because they fear judgment from others or loneliness. Pets offer unconditional love, helping individuals find security and confidence as they move forward toward healing.

Pet Therapy Benefits

Individuals who bring their pets with them to a treatment facility can experience many benefits along their recovery journey. Pets promote healthy habits, helping owners care for both their minds and bodies. Pets can also give their owners a higher purpose, assisting individuals in finding the motivation they need to achieve sobriety.

Better Emotional Management

The recovery process requires individuals to face and manage their emotions. Certain feelings, such as stress or depression, may trigger unhealthy habits and lead individuals to relapse or lose hope. Having a pet as a companion may encourage individuals to cope with difficult emotions and find effective ways to manage them.

Pets require constant care. Their needs can inspire individuals to step back from negative emotions that may be consuming their thoughts. Individuals can develop better clarity and peace as they create distance from anger, sadness and other negative feelings. Taking care of a pet may also help an individual find something to look forward to each day, helping them maintain hope and focus one day at a time.

Pets love their owners wholeheartedly. Their constant love and attention can empower individuals to continue on their path to recovery. Caring for a pet and accepting their love can give individuals hope, inspiring them to work towards a future of sobriety and good health.

Improved Physical Well-Being

In addition to emotional benefits, pets can also bring many physical benefits to their owners in recovery. As individuals work to keep up with their pet’s exercise and food needs, they can develop healthy routines and habits for themselves. Sleep and wake patterns become regular, exercise is frequent and meal times are set.

As individuals seek to care for the physical needs of their pets, they can better manage their own physical needs. Healthy habits, such as exercise and a routine, help individuals experience greater success in their recovery efforts. Physical activity can encourage individuals to manage negative emotions while structured routines promote better focus and self-control.

Our Individualized Treatment Options

Here at DreamLife Recovery, we understand that every person has unique needs. Our compassionate staff works with clients to develop a treatment plan customized to their specific situation. Depending on the client’s needs, pets may be approved to stay with them at our facility as they begin their recovery journey.

Enjoy the Benefits of Pet Therapy at DreamLife Recovery

DreamLife Recovery is dedicated to helping individuals find healing. We’re proud to be a pet-friendly facility, enabling our clients to find recovery with their pets by their side. Contact us online today to learn more information about bringing your pet!