How Do Methadone Clinics Work?

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People seeking treatment for opioid and alcohol addictions may be referred to methadone clinics, also known as substance use disorder clinics. A methadone clinic is a pharmacy designed specifically to dispense medications to those undergoing medication-assisted treatment (MAT).

Methadone clinics are a simple way to pick up your medications in a judgment-free environment. Although methadone is the most common medication prescribed, these clinics often dispense other medications as well, like naltrexone or Suboxone. These medications are a special class of opioids designed to help opioid users detox from their drug of choice.

Methadone and MAT

Since methadone is an opioid, some people wonder does it helps people addicted to opioids. The simple answer is that methadone is a long-lasting opioid that deters people from using other drugs. Its effects can last a full 24 hours and takes up your brain’s opioid receptors during that time. That means if you take another drug while on methadone, you won’t feel the typical “high” associated with that drug and you’ll gradually lose the urge to use it.

Methadone also prevents severe symptoms of withdrawal, allowing you to detox with less pain. Since many people cite the pain of withdrawal as a significant inhibitor to recovery, methadone and similar medications create a stronger bridge to sobriety.

Depending on your usage and how far into MAT you are, you’ll likely have to pick up your medication every day or every few days. Having a place where you can easily get your medicine is essential when you’re going so often. These clinics keep a close eye on their patients to avoid misuse and at first may only prescribe one methadone dose at a time. Over time, you may be prescribed more at once so you can go weeks or even months between clinic visits.

How to Get Into a Methadone Clinic Today

At DreamLife Recovery, we use MAT in combination with other types of recovery therapies. In most cases, addiction must be treated from several angles. Our comprehensive treatment ensures you combat both the root of the addiction and whatever is keeping you in the addiction cycle.

Methadone clinics for substance abuse are an excellent first step on your path to recovery. Our team is ready to lead the way whenever you’re ready. To learn more about our treatment plans, call 844-402-3592 or contact us online today. We’ll help you find the resources you need to get your life back on track.