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Greetings from DreamLife Recovery,

At DreamLife Recovery in Donegal, Pennsylvania, we are healthcare professionals dedicated to the overall health, wellbeing and safety of our clients, employees and greater community at large. Given the emergence of the worldwide Coronavirus (COVID-19), DreamLife Recovery wants to assure you, our referents, colleagues and families, our concern is to keep clients and staff safe from the spread of COVID-19. We understand the importance of education, preventative measures and avoiding any additional, unnecessary stress and anxiety, especially at a time when a loved one is facing the need for inpatient treatment of a substance use disorder.

DreamLife Recovery is monitoring and working diligently to abide by the guidelines set forth by the CDC. We have taken the proper precautions following guidelines in regards to the assessment, isolation, treatment and admission to our facility to reduce the chance of infection and spread of COVID-19. We will continue to closely monitor the emerging details regarding protocols and recommendations issued by the CDC and will continue to follow recommended guidelines.

DreamLife Recovery continues to remain committed to fighting drug & alcohol addiction and initiating recovery in the community. We will continue to accept new patients and have enacted provisions to ensure safety for all new and existing patients:

Potential Patient Admissions:
The admissions department will administer the Infectious Disease Screening to all potential admissions.
• If a potential patient indicates “Yes” to any of the questions on the Infectious Disease Screening, the individual will be required to obtain medical clearance prior to admission.

New Patient Admissions:
• All individuals scheduled for admission will be greeted inside the intake door of the facility by a DreamLife Recovery designated employee.
• The employee will administer the Infectious Disease Screening.
• If the individual responds “Yes” to any of the questions on the Infectious Disease Screening, medical clearance will be required prior to admission.

Current Patients:
Any patient exhibiting symptoms consistent to COVID-19, they will be immediately taken to the Emergency Department for further evaluation.
If patient tests positive for COVID-19, they will be quarantined in their living environment and will be medically treated. These patients will require medical clearance prior to returning to and fully engaging in the community.
• Visiting is temporarily suspended for emergency purposes.

Facility Operations:
• Deep cleaning of all facilities will be performed routinely to reduce the risk of transmission of the virus and to best ensure a healthy environment.
• Staff has been instructed to disinfect surfaces where viruses can be transmitted regularly.
• If an employee does not present for work due to illness related issues, a physician’s note will be required to return to work.
• Employee training is provided on universal health precautions.
• Notices of Public Health Alerts on all entryways have been placed