5 Tips to Help You Stay Sober

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Staying sober is an essential part of your recovery journey. When armed with helpful tips to help yourself stay sober, you can make managing sobriety easier. Try these five top sobriety tips today.

5 tips to help you stay sober

1. Learn New Ways to Manage Stress

Whether you’re experiencing relatively minor stress such as being late or larger issues like a totaled car, you must learn how to cope. Consider:

  • Finding a sober friend or family member to go to for support.
  • Having a flexible schedule so you can attend group support meetings or other events.
  • Staying physically healthy via regular exercise, good sleep hygiene and an improved diet.

There are many ways to manage stress — feel free to try numerous methods until you find ones that work best for you.

2. Look for an Interesting Activity

Try to find an activity that means something to you. For example, why not try an exercise routine if you care about your physical health?

Other options could include volunteering for a cause close to your heart, like an animal shelter or soup kitchen. If you have a talent you want to cultivate again, like crocheting or woodworking, you can also build time into your schedule to do it.

3. Find Methods for Managing Your Urges

Although urges usually last for a few minutes, they can be challenging to deal with. Learning how to manage them can help you get through each one a little easier.

For example, try using a substitute for the urge, like chewing a piece of gum or reciting a mantra. You may also want to find ways to keep yourself busy — cleaning, doing a project or journaling are other methods.

4. Start Building a Support Network

Find people willing to support your recovery journey, like close friends and family. Bring a sober friend to events, and forge a strong connection with your sponsor so you know you can reach out to them whenever you need it.

5. Refrain From Entering Risky Situations

You’ll want to stay away from people or situations you used to engage in your substance use disorder with. For example, if you struggled with alcohol, avoid your favorite bar and the friends or family you hung out with while drinking. You may need to decline invitations or avoid driving and walking around a particular location to reduce temptation.

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