Each member of the treatment team has been selected because of their excellence in attaining the best results in their therapeutic treatment specialty. All of our staff are licensed and credentialed, but what really matters to our patients most is the level of empathy and understanding we bring to every interactio

As a team, we are here to welcome you in and make you feel comfortable. In clinical as well as social settings, our goal is to know your story and individual needs to make a plan to get you to where you need to be.

The treatment team includes:

  • Executive Director
  • Medical Director
  • Clinical Director
  • Director of Nursing
  • Psychiatrist
  • Nurses
  • Psychologists
  • Board-Certified Addictionologist
  • Personal Recovery Coaches
  • Therapists
  • Family Therapists
  • Case Managers

All educational and group therapy sessions are supervised by a licensed, master’s level therapist and facilitated by a qualified counselor assistant.

Mitch Baumann

Founder, Chief Development Officer

As the Founder and Chief Development Officer at DreamLife Recovery, Mitch brings extensive directorial and leadership experience. Specializing in strategy and development, Mitch has previously built & directed multiple recovery facilities along with substantial service work in order to give back the blessing of recovery. With the knowledge and skills to lead, along with the vision to see it through, Mitch has an unceasing passion for the treatment industry after his own struggles and recovery from addiction. When DreamLife Recovery says, “we know what it takes because we have been there ourselves”, we mean it.

Dr. Howard Schwartz, MD

Managing Partner

Howard Schwartz is a Board Certified Gastroenterologist who has a special interest in clinical trials. He joined Ventre Medical and Research Centers of America in 2017 and is a founder of Detox MD, a management company for facilities for Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers. He has conducted numerous clinical trials in Pain Management, Psychiatry, and Addiction Therapy. He is a co-founder of DreamLife Recovery who plan to open a treatment center in Donegal, Pennsylvania in February 2019 that will offer Detox, Residential, PHP, and IOP services.

Peter Ventre, MD

Managing Partner

Peter Ventre is a Board Certified Psychiatrist who founded Ventre Medical in 2011. Ventre Medical has 8 full-time and 2 part time Psychiatrists that provide services in Fort Lauderdale Florida. They are the exclusive providers to Broward General a 700 bed hospital with a Psychiatric ER and an 80 Bed Unit, Imperial Point Hospital with a Psychiatric ER and a 60 Bed Unit and Cleveland Clinic in Fort Lauderdale. He has a passion for helping individuals with substance abuse issues and with his team provide directorship and management of 12 treatment centers. He is the Chairman of Department of Psychiatry at Broward General Hospital. He is cofounder of DreamLife Recovery who plan to open a treatment center in Donegal, Pennsylvania in February 2019 that will offer Detox, Residential, PHP and IOP services.

Gina L. Marchando


Executive Director

Dr. Marchando comes to DreamLife Recovery holding a doctorate and master’s degree in Family Therapy, Family Systems Healthcare and certification in Traumatology. Along with numerous licensures, publications, and an extensive public speaking record, Marchando is perhaps most well known for her contribution to the professional field serving clients with comorbid PTSD and Dissociative Disorders. With nearly 15 years of experience in the recovery industry, Marchando brings programmatic and directorial skills as well as certificates in Incorporation Therapy and Hypnotherapy. Dr. Marchando joins DreamLife Recovery as their new Executive Director.

Richard O Ajayi MD

Richard O Ajayi, MD

Chief Psychiatrist

Dr. Ajayi trained as a psychiatrist at St Luke’s/Roosevelt Hospital Center —a teaching hospital of Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, in New York, graduating as the top resident in his class. He is triple boarded in psychiatry, addiction medicine and sleep medicine. He has a wide array of experience of more than 20 years spanning addiction, psychiatry, sleep medicine, hospital practice and top-level positions in various healthcare systems and organizations including being president and chief of staffs of 2 area hospitals medical staffs at various times.

He is a fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, member of American Medical Association and member, American Academy of Sleep Medicine.


Amy Rhoades


Director of Nursing

Amy comes to us with a unique skill set and she is ready to put it use at Dream Life Recovery. She has her Master’s in Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh and her Bachelor’s in Nursing from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She is licensed to practice both mental health and physical health, bringing holistic healing to all of our clients. Amy is from the area and lives on a horse and tree farm integrating her love of animals and nature with different modalities of healing. Amy has experience in the drug and alcohol realm, mental health, and med/surge. In addition Amy has experienced some major traumas in her life and has the ability to connect with people based on shared experiences.

Alexis Alioto

Quality Assurance Coordinator

Alexis is a skilled administrative professional, with over 10 years experience in the addiction treatment industry. She has worked in all aspects, ranging from Joint Commission standards, to revenue management, and even global operational functioning. Having worked in Hollywood, FL helping manage considerable budgets and staff, Alexis brings diligence as well as experience. Alexis also has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration.

Taryn Rachfalski

Utilization Review Specialist

Taryn brings extensive directorial experience to DreamLife Recovery. As a Certified Recovery Coach, Taryn is committed to bringing real and sustained recovery to all clients, having successfully gone through her own process as well. With a bachelors in Psychology from the University of Colorado, she has combined her personal struggles and triumphs with a robust work history in the addiction treatment field. It is her greatest pleasure to get to help, defend, and fight for those who are lost in addiction and are seeking recovery.

Andrew Gautsch

Admissions Supervisor

Armed with a history of addiction and 10 years of experience in the recovery industry, Andrew knows first-hand the strife that comes with the journey to sobriety. Utilizing this knowledge, today he dedicates himself in aiding those who’ve committed to reaching their goals of an improved lifestyle. Andrew is well known for his charismatic personality and his ability to uplift family members and patients alike. His mission in life is to no longer be needed in his field.

Danny Mills

Treatment Placement Specialist

Danny comes to DreamLife Recovery in an Admissions role on a mission to give back. Having gone through a successful recovery process himself, Danny knows the feelings of desperation, despair, and loneliness as well as the anxiety of family members who may be scared for their loved ones. His “why” is to project onto and instill in others a sense of self-fulfillment and restoration because, if it could happen for him, it can happen for anyone.

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