Relationship Between Income and Drugs

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Addiction can influence individuals from all backgrounds. Misconceptions about economic status and drug use hurt those who need help recovering. While some people with addictions are in poverty or low-income situations, drug use in the upper class exists, too.

Receiving treatment for drug use and addiction is vital to helping you get your dream life back. Learn about the relationship between income and drugs and how you can receive recovery treatment.

What Is the Relationship Between Addiction and Family Income?

Developing an addiction is possible in all socioeconomic situations. Families with higher incomes may be more susceptible to addiction because they have the means to buy the substances.

Growing up in a low-income environment can also lead someone to use drugs. Stressed by the hardships of trying to make ends meet, some people turn to alcohol or drugs to find relief.

Addiction creates continued patterns that can lead many people into poverty. Drugs impair your judgment skills and affect low-, middle- and upper-class individuals.

How Can You Treat Drug Addiction?

When you or someone you love has an addiction, treatment can help them start their road to recovery. At DreamLife Recovery, we offer substance abuse treatment programs to help people take back their lives. Most people follow similar rehab steps, including:

  • Detox: Clearing your mind and body of the substance before treatment ensures you are present. Our team monitors you closely during your detox to assist when needed.
  • Rehab: You’ll learn how to build healthy habits and change your life to maintain sobriety. During the rehab program, you’ll have access to therapy, amenities, a support system and doctors, giving you resources to help you recover.
  • Discharge planning: Before discharge, we’ll help you prepare for the transition back home, giving you tools and resources to help you succeed while leading a new life.
  • Aftercare: Even after treatment, you will have a network of support groups and counselors at your disposal to help you remain sober. You will always have someone supporting you.

Come to DreamLife Recovery for Treatment

If you or a loved one is navigating drug addiction, DreamLife Recovery can help you. We offer a comprehensive treatment program for individuals in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Our team supports you through your treatment and after to provide ongoing guidance on your journey.

Learn more about our treatment programs or apply by calling 844-402-3592. You can also fill out our contact form or chat with one of our professionals online.