The DreamLife Recovery PHP program serves as an intermediate link between inpatient residential addiction treatment and outpatient programs. PHP is a step down from inpatient therapy and comes before the transition to outpatient treatment.

For clients with a history of addiction or other serious medical problems, partial hospitalization might be a good place to start their treatment with DreamLife Recovery. Most clients will transition from residential treatment to the PHP program as a part of the standard DreamLife Recovery continuum of care.

Our PHP program provides more flexibility than inpatient programs while also providing more robust schedules than the intensive outpatient program. Each program is tailored to meet client needs without sacrificing quality.


PHP is similar in many ways to residential programs. It has a predetermined schedule that takes up the majority of each day, giving patients much needed daily routines. The real difference is that clients will have their own individual and customized housing on site.

The DreamLife Recovery partial hospitalization program generally involves addiction therapy and, when necessary, dual diagnosis treatment. Clients will also take advantage of various alternative therapies, including adventure opportunities such as equine therapy.


The DreamLife Recovery partial hospitalization program offers significant benefit for individuals who may also have mental health concerns. As many as half of all people struggling with substance abuse also suffer from some sort of mental health disorder. This is called dual diagnosis. Since these two concerns are often related, simultaneously considering both conditions is the most effective approach.

DreamLife Recovery may also recommend PHP for those who may be unstable after residential treatment. Registration in our PHP program ensures they have a reliable and comfortable place to get treatment with instant access to professional medical care.

Other clients may also struggle during daily tasks or compliance with established schedules. If they have problems functioning in a group environment, such as eating or sleeping, transitioning to outpatient through PHP can help set a solid foundation for moving on with their recovery.

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