A successful recovery process entails caring for the body as well as the mind.

At DreamLife Recovery, practices such as yoga and exercise therapy are considered in the recovery experience for their restorative and rejuvenating potential.

We take pride in considering the whole person during addiction treatment. We employ the highest level of personal service in a refined atmosphere when it comes to practices like yoga and exercise therapy.

Yoga is used in our treatment experience due to its calming and stress-reducing effects. Research shows that yoga as part of a holistic treatment approach can help individuals break from old mind-body habits. This is achieved as a result of breathing techniques which, when practiced consistently, can have a “grounding” effect, bringing you back to the present moment and helping focus on positive goals and the treatment at hand.


Addiction has a disruptive impact on the mind-body connection. Ridding your body of habit-forming substances allows for the opportunity to realign yourself.

At DreamLife Recovery, we also offer yoga as part of our holistic treatment services.

Yoga uses special postures, known as “asanas” to help individuals focus on their breath and bring awareness to the moment – rather than letting the mind wander and stress over the past or future. This has a calming effect on the body. With each breath, the mind is brought back to the present, and the moment is acknowledged without judgment. Individuals learn to experience the moments as they unfold, cultivating inner peace and calm.

Years of drug use can trigger habitual responses in the body and a cycle of addiction. Yoga is a holistic exercise that helps individuals break out of this cycle, supporting a natural detox of the body and enhancing the mind-body connection. As individuals practice each pose, they exist only in the moment and feel something that is outside their usual experience of addictive behaviors. By learning to link breath with movement, individuals gain a means for controlling thoughts, emotions, and actions.

Yoga helps individuals achieve balanced peace, cultivate self-discipline, and make a spiritual connection through meditation and prayer.


Both exercise therapy and yoga can help individuals address impulsivity, which is a common trait among individuals who enter drug and alcohol treatment programs. We help you find a way to over-ride negative impulses, such as a strong, impulsive desire to use drugs. This is one of the most important end results of therapy. Learning to control impulsive behavior and replace these negative impulses with positive choices is important for supporting long-term sobriety and something we pride ourselves on being able to provide you.

Incorporating exercise therapy and yoga as part of a holistic drug and alcohol recovery program has become very popular within the past decade.

At DreamLife Recovery, we offer comprehensive exercise therapy programs in addition to yoga. Our goal is to provide patients with the tools they need to live a sober life. By serving as a natural mood enhancer and promoting whole body health, exercise therapy and yoga help teach our patients new coping mechanisms and reduce the likelihood of relapse.

Article Reviewed by Lidice Morales

Lidice MoralesLidice Morales, an honors graduate from the Kaiser University, has made a name for herself as the Director of Nursing at several behavioral health facilities and as the Director of Operations for Detox MD. Now she is the VP of Operations at DreamLife Recovery. She strives for better patient care through constant self-improvement and furthering her education. Her steadfast work ethic and passion in the field has remained the most important aspect of her professional career; showing dedication to not only the acquisition of new knowledge, but also its mastery. Lidice believes that a professional work atmosphere fosters cohesion and malleability amongst herself and her coworkers; thereby increasing both the level of patient care and quality of life.

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