Family Therapy

Alcoholism and drug addiction impacts everyone close to the person. It takes its toll on the family’s relationships, sense of unity, physical and mental health and the emotional and financial stability of the home.

DreamLife Recovery not only encourages familial involvement in a client’s recovery, but also offers an extended intensive family recovery program.

What Are The Benefits of Family Therapy for Addiction?

The largest benefit that family therapy provides is the proof to the client that they have the support of the people they love the most. There are many stigmas associated with addiction, and clients often feel embarrassed or ashamed by their disease.

Clients may not realize that their family members are understanding and willing to work with them throughout the recovery process.

Family therapy helps patients by showing them that they have a support system already in place to assist them during this challenging time.

Addiction Education For The Family

Family therapy provides family members with expert knowledge and information about drug addiction and recovery treatment options.

Addiction is one of the most misunderstood diseases. Some family members may inaccurately believe their relative is choosing to become addicted or has become addicted solely as a result of poor life choices.

Family therapy programs work with everyone in the family to help them understand the causes of addiction and the various treatment programs available. By learning about the addiction treatment process and developing a better understanding of the disease of addiction, family members will be able to provide their loved one with a better, more knowledgeable and understanding support system.

The DreamLife Recovery team will help family members understand what they can do to help the person they love.

Overcome Conflicts With Family Treatment

At DreamLife Recovery, families enjoy the guidance of a qualified counseling professional to learn how to best support their loved one in recovery. In many families, conflicts and issues go unresolved because they are misunderstood. At times, these unresolved issues contribute to the client’s addiction. Participation in counseling can help families work through larger, detrimental family issues.

A professional counselor will work with all members of the family as a group as well as individuals. Our goal is to help the family overcome issues and conflicts to work together to provide the client with the best support system possible.

Creating A Long Term Recovery Plan

Family therapy programs also help family members create a long-term plan for themselves and for their loved one who is receiving treatment at our facility.

The detox process and treatment program is only the first step in receiving treatment for addiction to drugs and alcohol. Once the client has graduated from the program, they have the opportunity to start a fresh, sober life. This can often be the biggest challenge, not only for the client but also for their support network.

Family therapy workshops help patients work together with their family members to create a plan for the future. This might include offering tips and advice for future support, as well as setting professional and personal goals.

It’s important that everyone creates a realistic plan that they can commit to.

Family Therapy Is Important

Families and loved ones are crucial to the recovery process. As a loved one enters the recovery process, family members often need to process their own complex emotions related to the loved one struggling with addiction. With the correct support, families have the opportunity to better understand the disease of addiction.

Research has shown that friends and family members who take part in collaborative counseling aide in the creation of a reliable foundation for their loved one. This foundation allows for greater success in recovery once the client returns home.

Through improved communication patterns, healthier family dynamics, and a safe place to explore and express emotions, DreamLife Recovery is ready to assist you and your loved ones in achieving a higher level of lasting recovery.

Article Reviewed by Lidice Morales

Lidice MoralesLidice Morales, an honors graduate from the Kaiser University, has made a name for herself as the Director of Nursing at several behavioral health facilities and as the Director of Operations for Detox MD. Now she is the VP of Operations at DreamLife Recovery. She strives for better patient care through constant self-improvement and furthering her education. Her steadfast work ethic and passion in the field has remained the most important aspect of her professional career; showing dedication to not only the acquisition of new knowledge, but also its mastery. Lidice believes that a professional work atmosphere fosters cohesion and malleability amongst herself and her coworkers; thereby increasing both the level of patient care and quality of life.

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