While traditional talk therapy is crucial for your recovery, research backs the advantages of outdoor experiences for your recovery. At DreamLife Recovery, we encourage clients to take advantage of the many adventure therapy options provided as part of our holistic and effective treatment curriculum.

(Adventure therapy is contingent upon weather and some activities are seasonal. Please contact us to inquire.)


Adventure therapy is a broad approach to mental and physical health that utilizes hands-on activities surrounded by nature as the foundation for combining various treatment approaches.

Adventure therapy activities help build self-esteem, life skills, physical health and endurance. Some of the life skills participants may learn include respect for nature and wildlife, teamwork, and goal setting.

Like our other treatment approaches at DreamLife Recovery, adventure therapy provides clients with the opportunity to learn about themselves, as well as associate new activities with joy and pleasure. This is an immeasurable benefit to not only the recovery process, but also well-being and health.


The healing qualities of environmental exposure are well documented. From forests and rivers to the immersion with the sights, sounds and the touch of animals are soothing to the psychological state of people who suffer from co-occurring disorders. At DreamLife Recovery, we provide many adventure therapy options such as equine therapy to harness the benefits of connecting with nature.

Adventure therapy engages you with the outdoors and presents different opportunities for positive associations and post-recovery activities. Through our programs, each client can lay the foundation for a lasting personal network through adventurous team-building exercises at the nearby ropes course and zip line.


  • Ropes course
  • Ziplining
  • Equine therapy
  • 12-step walking path
  • Zen gardens
  • Fire pit

Article Reviewed by Lidice Morales

Lidice MoralesLidice Morales, an honors graduate from the Kaiser University, has made a name for herself as the Director of Nursing at several behavioral health facilities and as the Director of Operations for Detox MD. Now she is the VP of Operations at DreamLife Recovery. She strives for better patient care through constant self-improvement and furthering her education. Her steadfast work ethic and passion in the field has remained the most important aspect of her professional career; showing dedication to not only the acquisition of new knowledge, but also its mastery. Lidice believes that a professional work atmosphere fosters cohesion and malleability amongst herself and her coworkers; thereby increasing both the level of patient care and quality of life.

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