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Mind, Body, Soul: A Holistic Approach to Mental Health

When you hear the word “holistic,” what do you think? You may associate it with an organic health food store or barefoot yogis chanting “OM” together with their eyes closed. Taking a “holistic approach” to something means looking at the whole situation and not just one or two parts. When it comes to mental health, a holistic approach considers how a person’s well-being is affected by their physical, psychological, emotional, social,...

Mary Fran Bontempo Just Visiting Crisis

“Just Visiting” Crisis

With every crisis, you’ve got a decision to make: Are you going to live there, or are you just visiting?  Since the descent upon us of the modern plague, aka, COVID 19, we may all feel as though we’re living there—in the thick of the crisis, with no escape. And to an extent, we are, at least as long as the virus continues its grip on society.  However, there is still a way...

A hand writing on a journal: Text: When the rules bind too tightly

When Rules Bind Too Tightly

These days, it seems like we’re all just making up the rules as we go along.   During this global pandemic, virtually every aspect of life has changed. No one really seems to be in charge, with different factions making different rules, and everyone rolling the dice, hoping their decisions are the right ones. And no matter who says what, no one really knows how any of this will play out.   The simplest of acts (at...

Girl Shouting Into Megaphone

Make Some Noise

Now is not the time to be quiet.  With the world facing a global pandemic the likes of which has never been seen, the news is all COVID-19 all the time. It’s all we think about, all we talk about, and all we see during a twenty-four-hour news cycle.  It almost feels irresponsible to speak of anything else; this disease can strike anyone and everyone through no fault of their own. (Although that argument might not be...

Worried woman sitting on a couch

Controlling the “Control-ables”

How do we function in a world that seems to be spinning out of control?   For anyone dealing with addiction, either personally or through a loved one, navigating life is already a challenge. Addiction forces one to deal with a total disruption of what was once normal in life, upending relationships, home life, finances—the list goes on. It’s hard to imagine something more disruptive to everyday life than the scourge of...

What to Expect if You Are Getting Treatment for Mental Health or Addiction in Pittsburgh, PA

Seeking help for any medical condition can be a harrowing experience. Few things are as scary as seeking help for an addiction disorder. There is a stigma attached to having an addiction disorder, even for people who are seeking help. But you are doing the right thing. Being able to turn away from your old life and to find a new path to the future is a mark of bravery....

What is Dual Diagnosis?

What is Dual Diagnosis? 10 Benefits of Dual Diagnosis Treatment

In 2012, 8.4 million adults in the US were diagnosed with both a mental illness and a substance addiction. Substance addiction is a problem all across our country. Many people suffer, but people with mental illness present a unique issue. What is dual diagnosis? How can it help people that are dealing with addiction and mental illness at the same time? If you or a loved one are dealing with this type of situation, know that...