Lori Paul

Director of Outreach
Ohio Bordering Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, West Virginia

Lori Paul has over 15 years combined experience in addiction & mental health. She received her B.A. in Journalism & M.A. in Sociology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She is a Certified Family Recovery Coach. She holds Certifications from the National Council For Behavioral Health in Youth & Adult Mental Health First Aid.

She spent 14 years of her career at US Airways where she was an International, Domestic & In-flight training instructor, Flight Attendant, Flight Attendant EAP Peer Counselor, and part of the Emergency/Critical Incident Response Team that included the incidents of Flight 427 & 9/11.

For 8 years she was in the Pharmaceutical Industry educating healthcare professionals on medications for major depressive disorder, bipolar & adults who are addicted to opioid drugs. She also worked for 2 labs. The first one she worked closely with doctors & their staff to implement drug testing protocol in their offices. The second lab she educated health care professionals on the BRCA 1/2 genetic test, a test that detects mutations in these genes that are linked mainly with hereditary breast and ovarian cancers. In this role she also screened & performed the genetic testing for their patients.

Lori has a strong drive & passion for helping people battling substance use and their families. She believes fiercely in prevention by focusing on educating people most especially our youth early on. Her mission is to stamp out the stigma surrounding substance use so people never fear getting help.