Al Meyer

Assistance & Employee Relations Liason

Al Meyer is presently the Labor Assistance & Employee Relations Liaison for DreamLife Recovery. He has over forty-seven years working in the Mental Health and Substance Abuse field. Al served as an Employee Assistance Counselor, EAP Director, Director of a County Addiction Prevention agency, a Treatment Facility, as well as Clinical Services for a major Philadelphia hospital. Al has secured a Bachelor and a Master of Arts (Pastoral Counseling) from La Salle University, a Master of Science in Administration from West Chester University, is a Certified Addiction Counselor Diplomat, a Certified Employee Assistance Professional, and is a Licensed Professional Counselor. Al served as a Firefighter with the City of Philadelphia for twenty years and at the time of his retirement, he was the Director of their Employee Assistance Program.

For several years, the Philadelphia Fire Department Counseling Unit (pre EAP), was housed with the Philadelphia Police Counseling Unit, also (pre EAP). The two units worked in unison in providing intervention, group and individual counseling to all uniform personnel on a daily basis.

While with the Fire Department EAP, Al noticed the trend of individuals from the higher stress producing functions, particularly Fire Rescue Units were the majority of the population utilizing the EAP services. At the time the statistics were 75% of the population utilizing the EAP services were from 18% of the Fire Service Personnel. This information led to the formation of the Critical Incident Stress program which was informally instituted in 1976-77 and formally adopted by the Fire Department in 1985. Al is still a consultant to the Employee Assistance Program and is an active member of the Emergency Response Team of the Philadelphia Fire Department.