West Moreland plays host to several drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers. There are 75 Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings in Westmoreland and 40 Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings in Westmoreland every week. There are only five clinics with inpatient capabilities though.

Why is There More Help in Westmoreland From AA and NA than from Clinics?

While the number of AA and NA groups seem to indicate that people are starting to take the crisis of addiction seriously it is worth noting that AA and NA meeting are brought to the community by people who have gone through addiction and addiction rehabilitation. Both NA and AA are not funded by any outside group as per their rules. This means that they can actively serve areas that need them without having to ask permission from anyone but their governing body. In other words, AA and NA can go where they are needed more quickly. 

How Many Overdose Deaths Have There Been in Westmoreland?

There have been 94 overdose deaths in Westmoreland up to this time. This does not count the number of people pulled back from the edge of death by Narcan. Narcan is a nasal spray that reverses an overdose and often saves a person’s life. 

There is a standing prescription for Narcan in Pennsylvania. This means that anyone can buy Narcan at any pharmacy that stocks it over the counter. It is suggested that if you or a loved one has an opioid addiction that you learn how to use Narcan and carry it with you at all times. This could save not only save your life but the life of a friend or relative.

Is There Hope for Someone Who Has Been Addicted to Drugs?

There are various clinics in and near West Moreland that offer partial hospitalization, inpatient, and outpatient care. With help, you can get sober and go back to work, your family, and re-start life where you left off when you became addicted. Most treatment centers even offer employer counseling, in which the facility gives your employer the information and tools they need to help you become a successful and productive employee during your recovery.

Where Can I Find AA Meetings in Westmoreland?

Here is a list of just a few AA meetings that will be there to support you when you are successfully discharged from our program.


Westmoreland Regional Hospital 

Conference Room A&B

532 W. Pittsburgh Street, Greensburg


Trinity U. Church of Christ

139 N. Main Street, Greensburg


Trin. Ref. U. Church of Christ

106 N. Chestnut Street, Scottdale

Here is a full list of the meetings in the area. If there are no AA meetings near you, the staff of your choice rehab center can help you find other options like online meetings if they are available.

Where Can I Find NA Meetings in Westmoreland?

Here is the list of a few NA meetings in Westmoreland:

Sage’s Army Headquarters

214 4th Street

Irwin, PA 15642-3506

Camel Club

6241 Saltsburg Road

Zion Baptist Church

1300 Locust Street

If none of these meetings are near you, here is a more complete list of meetings.

Why Do People in PA Turn to Drugs?

Pennsylvania can be a hard place to live. The unemployment rate in Pennsylvania was 4.2% as of December 2018. Unemployment is often much higher in more rural communities across the nation. This means that the rate of addition can be much higher. Unemployment is very stressful and stress can trigger a relapse if the person is not being given the right resources. 

Have you picked up drugs as a kid or know someone who has?

Often, kids pick up drugs because they have mental health needs that have not been met, their friends pressure them into it, they are curious, or sometimes they feel hopeless because they are in a bad situation, such as an abusive home. Adults are often the victims of drugs for the same reason. 

Some people can use drugs without becoming addicted; other people do not become addicted until they have tried these drugs several times. This often encourages other people to try drugs because they see them as safe. Just because someone you know has done many drugs over a long period and not become addicted does not mean that you will have the same result. You might become addicted the first time you take them.

Can I Get Help for My Addiction Somewhere in Westmoreland?

Recovering from addiction is hard work. That is why most rehab centers offer therapeutic services like sound therapy, reiki therapy, massage therapy, equine therapy, and much more. These and other services can help you learn how to ground yourself and give you tools that you can rely on if you have the temptation to use drugs resurfaces. 

Who Can Help Me with My Recovery Journey?

We here at DreamLife Recovery are here to help you through your recovery journey. We have a partial hospitalization treatment program, an inpatient program, and an outpatient program. We know which issues you need to address in your life and what help you need from the environment around you to thrive.

We hope that you will consider us for your addiction recovery journey. Recovery can seem lonely but we provide you with a community of recovering people that will be here for you. Our aftercare treatment helps patients bond even further. Whether or not use choose to go through our aftercare program, you will likely form lifelong healing bonds with other patients and cherish fond memories of our staff. Our staff will be there to help you 24/7 to assist you in your healing journey in our detoxification program and our residential treatment program.

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