Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania 15370

About an hour’s drive from Pittsburgh, Waynesburg is cherished by its residents. Many say that it still has its homey small-town feeling despite the booming college. It is known to be the sort of place where other people say “hi” when they see you in the grocery store and lend a helping hand when you need one. However, despite being well-loved by its residents and college students, Waynesburg has a serious drug problem. 

Does Waynesburg, PA Really Have a Drug Problem?

Recently, 37 people who were part of a drug ring were charged with intent to distribute crack, fentanyl, heroin, cocaine, and fentanyl analogs. At least one had ties to Waynesburg. This drug ring was spread around two other states besides Pennsylvania.

Many people wonder how their town has ended up in the state it is in. One of those towns is Waynesburg. Some residents admit that there is not as much for the youth in town to do as there was when they were growing up. Sometimes boredom can be a dangerous thing.

Can I Get Drug and Alcohol Rehab Support in Waynesburg?

Luckily there is some support. Besides a few nearby drug rehabilitation clinics, there are AA and NA groups available. After you complete a drug rehabilitation program, AA and NA are wonderful ways to keep a hold of your sobriety. It is important to note that neither AA nor NA is registered therapy centers or drug and/or alcohol treatment centers. These meetings are meant for people who have already undergone treatment to continue their journey.

Sometimes the right group for you might be a few minutes’ drive. Your health and sobriety are worth ten minutes in the car.

What Leads a Town to Drugs?

Several things can impact a town, one of which is a college. Now that colleges have started to include more varied recreations, some of these influences slip into the town. It is true that without any sort of help, drugs would enter the town anyway. They seem to have entered most towns in America. But, Pennsylvania’s drug rate is double the national average. 

Are There Mental Health Professionals in Waynesburg? 

There are six mental health professionals in Waynesburg. This is very low for a town with a population of almost 4,000. In general, Pennsylvania is a very underserved area in the field of mental health. This is likely one reason that people have turned to drugs. Still, it’s important to work with a therapist, especially after rehab treatment. 

How Does Addiction Affect a Community?

Drug addiction does not only affect the individual and their family. It affects their entire community. Some families feel the need to hide their loved one’s addiction from the rest of the town. They might also fear judgment from other people who live in the town. This might cause them to act aggressively, shaming other families who have loved ones with a drug problem to divert attention from their loved one(s).

Not only this but once someone in the town starts taking drugs the influence quickly spreads. The person who is taking the drugs might want to encourage their friends to take drugs thinking that will help them relax or at least not judge them for self-medication. Once the drug dealers realize they can potentially do business in the town a market soon springs up.

How Do You Say No to Alcohol?

During recovery, it’s important to focus not only on health but also on drug education. In rehab, you’ll learn how to socialize without drugs and/or alcohol. It might seem like someone could just say no. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. 

There always seems to be someone who wants you to have a cocktail with them and just won’t take no for an answer. One of the things you’ll learn in rehab is how to tell people no without revealing that you have had a problem with alcohol in the past if you do not want to disclose that information. 

Is There Something Wrong With Me?

There is nothing to be ashamed of. That does not mean that everyone has the right to know your business and medical history. That is what drug addiction is. It is a health problem. It is not a sign of weakness and it is not a sign that there is something wrong with you. 

What is DreamLife Recovery?

DreamLife Recovery is a dual diagnosis treatment center. This means that we are able to treat you if you have another mental health disorder in addition to addiction, like depression or bipolar disorder. You do not have to have a mental disorder to come to DreamLife Recovery. We can also help patients who have not yet been diagnosed with a mental health disorder.

Here at DreamLife Recovery, we have the best staff and the best treatments. Besides individual, group, and family therapy we offer equine therapy, sound therapy, massage therapy, and much more. We are also wheelchair accessible.

Your life is more important. Your loved one’s life is important. Not only will drug/alcohol addiction destroy your life and your family it can very easily kill you if left untreated.

Please make the right choice and take the right step. Your family needs you; you need you; your community needs you. But it is up to you to show them the new you.

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Article Reviewed by Lidice Morales

Lidice MoralesLidice Morales, an honors graduate from the Kaiser University, has made a name for herself as the Director of Nursing at several behavioral health facilities and as the Director of Operations for Detox MD. Now she is the VP of Operations at DreamLife Recovery. She strives for better patient care through constant self-improvement and furthering her education. Her steadfast work ethic and passion in the field has remained the most important aspect of her professional career; showing dedication to not only the acquisition of new knowledge, but also its mastery. Lidice believes that a professional work atmosphere fosters cohesion and malleability amongst herself and her coworkers; thereby increasing both the level of patient care and quality of life.

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