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Washington, or “Little Washington,” is a growing town in Pennsylvania. While it’s a small town, Washington has a life of its own. It has a wonderful, mid-west, small, suburb atmosphere. Washington is also home to a couple breweries and wineries. 

But Washington also has a glaring problem: addiction.

Does PA Have a Drug Problem?

The number of overdose deaths alone in Pennsylvania started to boom in 2013. Soon Pennsylvania had double the number of overdose deaths than the standard in the United States. There are 9 drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in Washington itself; that is 9 clinics for under 14,000 people. There are also 9 mental health professionals in Washington, Pennsylvania; that is only one mental health professional per rehabilitation clinic

Where Can I Go for Professional Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation?

There are many more professional clinics in Pittsburgh, which is only 29 miles away. A half-hour drive is not a problem when you are looking at something as big as your health and possibly your life. Plus, the treatment centers in Pittsburgh also offer more discretion, and more treatment options. For instance, if you have only taken certain drugs for a short amount of time, an outpatient program might be a good fit.

What is the Latest in Drug Rehabilitation?

Today, most licensed and reputable treatment centers utilize modern medicine as well as traditional methods. Some even offer holistic treatments, like spiritual counseling and yoga. Yoga helps you ground yourself and keep yourself in the right mindset to obtain your sobriety and keep it. Most rehab centers today also use the latest medications like methadone to taper you off drugs.

Luckily, there are also several Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) groups in Washington Pennsylvania. 

AA Meeting Locations:

Citizen’s Library

55 S. College Street

Sunlight Club

234 E. Maiden Street

Here is a complete list of meetings

NA Meeting Locations.

The Center on Strawberry

59 East Strawberry Avenue

Fairhill Manor Christian Church

351 Montgomery Avenue

Here is a complete list of meetings

These are all places to start looking for your AA and/or NA group once you finish your treatment. If you cannot find a therapist to help you and/or an NA or AA meeting near you, your rehab staff can help you find a means to help yourself in your community. It is worth noting that AA is geared towards alcoholics. If you have an opioid or other non-alcohol related problem then you would be better suited at an NA group meeting. 

Washington, Pennsylvania is a family town. We know how important your family is to you. If you are having child custody problems or other court problems, most treatment facilities will help you with your case. Some even offer employer counseling. Employer counseling is a process where we advise your employer on what they need to do to work with you as an employee. 

How Do I Socialize Without Drugs?

In rehab, you will learn how to socialize without drugs and/or alcohol. It seems like there is always that one person who won’t take no for an answer when they ask you if you want a drink or anything else. This is usually not the person that you want to tell about your condition. Once more, there is no need to be ashamed about your addiction, but as with any other medical condition like lupus or cancer, it is up to you who you tell. You have power over your addiction. Let us help you to use that power and overcome substance abuse. 

Will I Be Able to Drink After I Go Through Rehab?

If you have alcoholism you will never be able to “enjoy” a drink again but we can teach you more than how to say no to alcohol. We can teach you how to even have more fun sober. If they are your friends only to get drunk with you or only because you are willing to get high with them then they are not real friends. True friends accept you for you.

Where is a Good Place to Go for Addiction Recovery?

The best rehab centers offer a variety of treatment options. Some offer not only yoga and equine therapy, but also new skills training. Yoga is a practice of grounding yourself. Instructors will show you special yoga “asanas” that will help you get and stay clean.

Equine therapy is also effective in rehab, Not only is it fun, but it is also very educational. Although you may have met many horses, therapy horses are a class apart. Mental health professionals and horse trainers are constantly around when you are interacting with the horses to provide valuable insight and guidance as you interact with the horses. 

Very few horses qualify as therapy horses in their temperament, build, and even look. Therapy horses will not bite or purposely step on you. Many victims of addiction identify with horses and find their company soothing. Imagine showing off everything that you have learned about horses to friends and family!

How Do I Start My Recovery Journey?

Addiction is a medical condition and having this problem does not mean that you are a weak or bad person. However, some people prefer more privacy and that is something that you will have a DreamLife Recovery. Here at DreamLife Recovery, we do also have a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) and a residential program.

Please contact us to start your healing journey. We provide the sort of resources and facility that you need to help you gain sobriety. Many treatment centers do not provide many of the things that we consider basic like Tai Chi, Private Bathrooms, Sound Therapy, and much more. Here is a complete list. https://dreamliferecovery.com/the-experience/amenities/

Get back into life. Reconnect with yourself, your families, friends, and life. This is not “it”. This is not all that life has to offer. There is so much more. Please let us help you. Get back to the things that you love and the people that care about you.

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