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There are 8,116 adults in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. 1,943 of these people are senior citizens. Uniontown has a very important history. Back before the civil war, Uniontown was a stop on the Underground Railroad. Taking care of our seniors is like taking care of history itself. Unfortunately, many seniors feel the distress of drug and alcohol addiction.

How Do People Start Taking Drugs?

Alcohol addiction seems like it has been around as long as time itself. Other addictions, like heroin and oxycodone, are newer. While seniors are not at very high risk for developing these newer opioid addictions, they still suffer from substance abuse. 

More than 80% of elderly United States citizens are on one or more prescriptions. 50% of these people take 5 or more prescriptions daily. With all of the pain caused by past injuries, poor diets, and other problems, it is no surprise that many of those pills are pain killers. 

These pills are often easy for younger people to take. Sometimes the senior is confused and can be convinced that they have already taken their pills. Other times they are bullied into letting their friends and/or family members have the pills. 

Are Seniors Often the Victims of Drug Crimes?

Oxycodone is a legal drug when prescribed by a doctor. This drug can still wreak havoc when not taken as directed or not taken by who it is prescribed for. About 59 people aged 50+ have been the victim of personal theft out of 100,000. Of course, none of this takes into account seniors who do not report. Some reasons that a senior might not report a theft of either drugs or items like money that would be used to purchase drugs are:

  • The person taking from the senior is a family member
  • The senior is not in a mental state to assess their situation
  • The senior is being abused and their property is being taken from them
  • They think the problem will go away if they let things run their course
  • Fear of retaliation

There were over 500 heroin overdose deaths a year in Pennsylvania. This does not take into account how many people have died because their resources were taken away to pay drug dealers for heroin. The money a senior could need for their medication could easily be taken away by a younger and much stronger person for drugs to feed an addiction. 

Do Senior Citizens Take Drugs?

For many years people did not know what post-traumatic stress disorder was. This has caused many men to come back from wars with the condition and use alcohol to cope. This addiction can easily move onto drugs. World Wars One and Two took almost a whole generation. Many seniors suffer in silence from PTSD even today. 

In many cases, PTSD leads individuals to use drugs and/or alcohol in order to cope with the symptoms of this mental health condition. Many older adults who suffer from PTSD, or any other disorder for that matter (depression, anxiety, etc.) have become dependent on drugs or alcohol because of their struggles.

There are also cases in which seniors who are suffering from physical health conditions, such as chronic pain, have come to depend on their prescription medications. Eventually, this dependence has led to addiction.

Is Uniontown Important?

Uniontown has a proud history. We need to cherish our past and our elders. Committing a crime against them is like committing a crime against us all; if we have enough luck, we too might become elderly one day. If you know of an elder being abused by a family member so that they can get drug money please do not hesitate to act. If your child is stealing your father’s sleeping pills please do not hesitate to act. It’s important to move quickly and end addiction’s harmful patterns before the situation gets worse.

Are AA and NA in Uniontown?

Luckily, there are AA and NA groups in Uniontown. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA). AA and NA are useful programs to enroll in after your recovery journey to keep you motivated to stay sober. 

The AA meetings in Uniontown are at:

65 Connellsville Street


The NA meetings are at:

Tradition One Club

67 Connellsville Street


There are several AA and NA meetings at different times at this same location. Please see: 

The AA Site List

The NA Site List

How Many Drug Treatment Centers Are There in Uniontown, PA?

There are 6 drug rehabilitation facilities in Uniontown and the nearby area. Together, they provide a mix of services from mental health treatment to treatment for psychotropic medications. There are 16 mental health professionals in the Uniontown 15401 area. 

Pittsburgh is 46 miles away from Uniontown. Despite this distance, the bigger city of Pittsburgh offers more in the way of medical treatment. Most of the treatment facilities there offer not only many types of therapy and more modern practices but also residential care. In other words, you can stay at the clinic for the majority of your treatment. Depending on what drugs you took and for how long, enrolling in our outpatient program might be right for you too. 

In many cases, you would be staying for at least a few months in the clinic. There you would get massage therapy, equine therapy, golf, a movie theatre and much more. They also provide a strong, positive community of fellow patients. The loving community of staff and residences make the battle of recovery less scary and you could make lifelong friends. 

One of the services offered is employer counseling. During employer counseling, they council your employer on your loved one’s needs and what they can do to help them maintain their sobriety. 

If you or your loved one has judicial problems like child custody or other, they can advise you on what steps to take once you have your sobriety to get your life and your family back. 

How Do I Talk to My Loved One About Their Addiction?

If you are planning to talk to your loved one about rehab, please consider contacting your facility of choice or a mental health professional who has experience with addiction first. Sometimes it is hard for you to talk to your loved one about taking their grandmother’s pills. These talks do not have to be accusatory. You need to help your loved one find healing. 

Finding money to buy drugs is a strong motivation for the crime. One of the most vulnerable age groups is the elderly. The elderly are also often defrauded over the phone and/or internet by people in search of money to buy drugs as well as often being defrauded in real life. 

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