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Greensburg is a beautiful, thriving, town a little over 30 miles from Pittsburgh. It has golf, an art museum, a hiking trail, a theater, and much more. Unfortunately, the opioid epidemic that has engulfed the United States and Pennsylvania in particular also grips the beautiful town of Greensburg. 

What is Greensburg Doing About Their Drug Problem?

Maybe because Greensburg has only 3 drug rehabilitation clinics for over 14,000 people there is still a drug problem in the town. The community itself is already trying to solve it with Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA).

AA Meeting Location:

St. Michael’s Orth. Church

1182 Ashland Street

Presbyterian Church

108 W 3rd Street, Derry

Here is a more complete list of meetings and a time table

NA Meeting Location:

Westmoreland Hospital

Pittsburgh Street

First Baptist Church

1228 Brinkerton Road

Here is a more complete list of meetings and a timetable

What Can I Do About the Opioid Crisis?

Pennsylvania has twice the opioid overdose rate of the nation at large. The drug Narcan, a drug that immediately reverses an opioid overdose, has saved many lives. If it wasn’t for Narcan and other tools used by emergency personnel, there is no telling how many more lives will have been claimed by opioids. Narcan is available over the counter at any pharmacy that sells it in Pennsylvania. 

The state of Pennsylvania has a standing order for Narcan. That means that although it is a pharmacy grade medication you do not need a personal doctor’s note to get it. The price of Narcan can vary widely. Some places only charge about $30. Other places sell kits for $140. If you take opioids or have a loved one or friend who does it might be a good idea to carry Narcan with you and know how to use it. Emergency responders usually carry Narcan but not always.

How Many Therapists are in Greensburg, Pennsylvania?

There are over 20 mental health professionals for Greensburg.  While this does not seem like many, there are actually a lot more in Greensburg than in most Pennsylvania communities. Pittsburgh is only a short 33-mile drive. Luckily, there is one of the most advanced dual diagnosis treatment centers in Pennsylvania. They offer several different treatment options to help cater to the perfect recovery plan for you.

Is Addiction Treatment Therapy Right for Me?

While in an addiction treatment program, every moment is a learning moment. While this sounds stressful, riding a horse with a scientifically perfect gait in the soothing outdoors or camping are restful, relaxing reflection moments. It is moments like adventure therapy that help teach a person to be at rest with their thoughts. Adventure therapy helps bring the patient to a quiet place where they can focus on themselves and enjoy the company of the other campers as they pitch tents and hike on trails. 

Is Addiction Treatment Therapy Difficult?

As you probably expect, treatment is not all relaxation. A lot is going on in the mind of a recovering victim of addiction. Many patients are so used to their feelings being numbed by substance abuse that having all those emotions come back can feel bewildering. It can be very challenging to navigate all of those feelings, and it will not be easy to understand at first. However, you will never be struggling alone. In addiction treatment, there is always a team of medical professionals available to assist you in your recovery journey. 

Why Do Addiction Recovery Clinics Have So Many People as Medical Staff?

If you wake up to a crisis like a PTSD episode, professionals will be on hand to coach you through it. Residential and partial hospitalization programs are programs geared to helping patients who have co-occurring conditions and have received a dual-diagnosis. It is almost impossible to maintain your sobriety if the reason(s) that you started abusing drugs are still untreated. That it is why it’s so important for a person suffering from a co-occurring condition to be diagnosed correctly. Just like being addicted there is no shame in having a mental disorder.

What Causes a Mental Illness?

Let’s discuss PTSD. This acronym stands for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Trauma like seeing a friend overdose and die in front of you, can cause you to develop a disorder like PTSD and/or depression. Many times, there are events that are outside our control. Your friend overdosing is beyond your control but there is still the possibility that “what if” that might plague you. 

What if you had done more of the drug so that there wouldn’t have been enough left for them to use to overdose? What if you had Narcan with you and knew how to properly administrate it? What if you had listened when the dealer told you they were strong? What if you had gotten them from a different dealer who was selling untampered with drugs? These questions can keep you up at night and plague your waking moments. 

Addiction treatment centers offer many forms of therapy as well as group therapy and individual therapy to help you deal with these emotions and thoughts.

Hearing someone else explain their similar situation, deciding to take a little less so that their friend could get a real rush, not knowing that Narcan even existed till after their friend died, had known that their drug dealer liked to exaggerate the drug’s purity to try to get a better price, going through massive withdrawal and taking any of the drugs they could find to make the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms stop. 

Does Group Therapy Help?

When you hear someone else saying the situation aloud, you might realize that you aren’t as bad as you might have thought for doing these things. You are not a bad, weak, awful person. You are simply a person who has made mistakes. Please let us help you become even better and turn the “what if’s” into “what I am at peace with”.

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