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Lapse vs. Relapse

People know what it means when a person recovering from addiction has a relapse—they use again or return to the pattern of behavior and fall back into addiction. However, there is also something called a lapse that is less discussed. A lapse is a brief resumption of the addiction before quitting again.  A lapse and relapse are different, but both deserve consideration and should be discussed openly to reduce the chances...

Why Addressing Addiction Alone Won’t Work – Addiction and Trauma

Historically, substance abuse treatment was a single-focus intervention–to get the “addict” to stop using. Clinically, counselors and therapists only focused on the addiction perhaps assuming that other issues could be resolved at a later time in in recovery by another provider. A case could be made for prioritizing sobriety over other issues, as no underlying issues related to the substance abuse can be resolved while a person is still struggling with the...

An Inside Look at Borderline Personality Disorder- Written by Our Clinical Staff

Personality, what is it?  How is it formed?  How we think, feel, and behave are characteristics of our personality and can account for the consistent way people act across different situations.  A person with BPD is impulsive, has marked problems with interpersonal relationships, chronic feelings of emptiness, emotional instability, difficulty controlling their anger, a fear of abandonment, risky behaviors, impulse control issues, dissociation, and frequent suicidality.  Due to their inability...