Blog: Alcohol Addiction

Alcoholism in Pittsburgh PA: Statistics, and Treatment Options

Part of the problem with identifying alcoholism and when your loved one needs to go to an alcohol rehab clinic like ours in Pittsburgh, PA or your surrounding area is not easy. Alcohol is deeply embedded in not only national but our local culture. Everyone drinks a little too much sometimes, but when does it […]

The Most Typical Stages of Alcohol Withdrawal Explained

While addiction and substance abuse can seem like distant concepts that don’t affect us directly, the reality is quite the opposite for many Americans. In fact, 1 in 8 adults in the U.S. suffers from alcoholism. If you or a loved one has dealt with this phenomenon, you know how serious it can be. Luckily, alcoholism is […]

Are You a High Functioning Alcoholic? 9 Signs You Have a Drinking Problem

Did you know that almost 20% of alcoholics are considered high functioning? These people typically make a good income and are often well educated. Identifying if you, or someone you love, have functioning alcoholism can be a difficult task because work and family life may not be affected.  Continue reading to learn about the nine signs of […]

7 Eye-Opening Signs of Alcoholism

In 2015, 15.1 million Americans had an alcohol problem. While moderate alcohol consumption will not affect you physically or psychologically, heavy drinking can have many lasting impacts. Liver damage, cardiovascular disease, and cancer are just some of the long-term side effects of heavy drinking. Struggling with alcohol is also a trigger for mental illness. Alcoholism can affect […]

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